5 Tools For The Best Instagram Hashtag Suggestions

  • Date: 30 april 2019
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Have you been sharing great content on social media for a while now, but do your results disappoint you? You may be choosing the wrong hashtags.

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What is a hashtag

Hashtags were first introduced by Chris Messina in 2007, to find and recognize Twitter groups easily. Only a few years later, hashtags quickly became a common method among many other social media platforms too.

So what exactly is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or short sentence that simply describes what a social media post is about. Brands or social media users with a public profile can add hashtags to their posts to make them findable for others. Are you sharing a post about your holiday in Bali? Then a hashtag like #Bali makes sure your post shows up when people search on this topic. Are you a company offering wedding planning services? Then your potential clients may search for #weddingplanner on social media. Using this hashtag will, therefore, help to attract the right people to your profile.


We see all kind of hashtags on social media. Think of Industry, Brand, Niche, Event or Location hashtags. Some with a huge search volume and some with only a few searches per year.

The possibilities are endless, and this makes the topic extra complicated. How do you know which hashtags people will search for? How do you reach the people who are interested in seeing your post? If technically all words and sentences could be a hashtag, how do you know which ones to pick?

Here we will help you out. Since the hashtag became popular, many useful tools have been developed that make finding the right hashtags easy.

Display Purposes

The first tool may be our favorite one. It's free, easy to use and perfect for Instagram hashtag inspiration. Display Purposes lets users type in a word that is related to their post. Based on that word, the tool provides a list of relevant hashtags, including a relevance score and popularity score.

You can choose to automatically create a list of 30 hashtags based on the words you enter, or let the tool only create a list of options which you can manually pick from.

The fact that you don't have to register to be able to use the tool, makes Display Purposes very user-friendly and accessible.


Later is another wonderful tool that does way is more than giving hashtag suggestions. To start with, it is a great scheduling tool for all your social media channels. It provides a pre-planned look or your Instagram feed and has a basic analytics feature. However, one of our favorite features or this tool is their Instagram hashtag suggestion feature.

Just like on Display Purposes, the tool lets users enter a word, and Later creates a list of hashtags based on that word. Behind every suggested hashtag in their list, you can see the number of posts with that hashtag on Instagram as well as a percentage of relevance to the word you entered.

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The hashtag suggestion option is available in Later's Premium, Starter and Brand plans, starting at $ 16 / month for the Premium plan.


Are you looking for Twitter hashtag suggestions? Then Hashtagify may be a great help for you. This website provides detailed hashtag reports based on popularity for Twitter and Instagram.

You can choose to search for details for a specific hashtag, or you can enter a word and let's tool create a list or top hashtag suggestions to choose from.

Although you can do a few searches for free, the website will soon ask you to sign up for one of their plans. The cheapest option is the Personal plan for $19/month, if billed annually.

All Hashtag

Our fourth tool, All hashtags, is in many ways very similar to Display Purposes. It is a free tool that creates a list of suggested hashtags, based on a word you enter on the website. There are a few differences though. While Display Purposes allows its users to manually select hashtags and use them in a list, All Hashtags doesn’t have that option. It does, however, offer a few options that Display Purposes doesn’t have.

For instance, with its ‘analytics’ option, you can enter a hashtag and get a report on ranking, number of hits and similar words for that specific hashtag. Also, with the ‘creator’ you can enter a list of words, and the tool automatically adds the hashtag sign before all of them. This can save you time typing, if you know your words already.


The last great tool we would like to mention is Ritetag. Ritetag is an excellent tool if you are looking for more detail on your Instagram and Twitter hashtags. On the Ritetag website you can enter a word, and - again - the tool lists the best hashtags for you.

The basic features are free and give you the best hashtags to get seen ‘now,’ the best ones to get noticed in the long term, hashtags specifically for Instagram and hashtags to not use.


Although the free features are probably enough for many, there is a possibility to download a more detailed report on specific Twitter hashtags too. Prices are calculated per report and depend on the number of tweets that include the chosen hashtag. The reports are very extensive, see this example report for more details.

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