Embed Facebook Feed On Website: The 5 Amazing Benefits For Brand Growth

  • Date: 19 March 2020
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  • Blogger: Alice Herman

With 2.38 million active users every day, Facebook is still the oldest and most popular social media platform to date. With more than 30% of the world population on Facebook, it is one platform that can spread a word like wildfire.

Taking advantage of its popularity and its ability to create a social buzz, Facebook is popular among marketers too. Marketing strategies are now made to revolve around social media platforms and Facebook is the first choice.


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Why should you embed Facebook Feed on your Website?

Facebook feed is considered one of the most interactive feeds and is easy to spread about. It has features that make content go viral easily. With excellent graphics and easy sharing, Facebook Feed is beneficial for businesses and brands.

Embedding Facebook feed on your business website is a smart move to turn users into your customers. Not only photos and videos but comments and live videos can also be embedded on your business website to increase your business credibility.

Embedding comments from celebrities, influencers on your Facebook post to your business website makes it easy for users to put their trust in your brand. The well-needed recognition needs of any brand can be easily met by embedding sorts of Facebook feeds on the website.

How to Embed Facebook feed on your website?

Moreover, it's not rocket science to embed Facebook feed on the business website. You require no knowledge about coding to do this. The various ways through which one can embed Facebook feed on the website has made it simple as having a cakewalk. All you need to do is use a plugin, tool or widget and get embed code. Paste this embed code into your website’s code wherever you want to appear the feed on your wall and that’s it. You are done!

For multiple feeds, using plugins and tools is beneficial. However, if you want to embed a specific comment or post, you can generate the embed code of the specific feed from Facebook itself using Facebook For Developers.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feed on Website

You will be amazed to know that with this minimal effort, the benefits of embedding Facebook Feed are still large. Here’s what they are!

1. Add to your website’s visual appeals

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Using tools, plugins, and widgets to embed Facebook Feed on your business website makes your business website visually appealing. These tools, plugins, and widgets include features that curate the Facebook Feed and customize it perfectly to add a spark to a boring and dead website otherwise. The visually appealing website gathers greater traffic and the business gets benefited from it further.

2. Widen the exposure of your business

As more customers will start visiting your website by various means, the exposure of your business will increase rapidly. Moreover, the gap between your social presence and digital presence will be eliminated making more customers know about your business from both ends.

3. Triggers social proof


Embedding Facebook feed on your business website adds to the social proof of your business which is quite helpful for customers in buying your products. To build trust among your customers, they need to know about the authenticity and reliability of your brand. Facebook feed in the form of reviews from other customers, people talking about your brand with images and videos with your brand tagged in them are when made to flash over your website’s home page, visitors on your website are absolutely triggered by it. They are influenced by the posts and get a step closer to trusting and knowing your brand better.

4. Real-time engagement

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Embedding Facebook feed on the business website is much similar to integrating a social wall that shows Facebook posts on a real-time basis. This means your website is always flooded with live news about your company, updates, offers, discounts, promotions and much more. Also, if your company recently undertook a UGC campaign, it's all the better to take it over your website and flaunt your reach well.

5. SEO advantages

When all of the above is coupled together, the website’s search engine optimization is automatically elevated. When the number of visitors to your website increases, three things are affected namely conversion rates, dwelling rates, and bounce rates.


An increase in conversion rates with an increase in visitors is a good indication of the possibility of an increase in sales. The dwelling rate is the time for which an average visitor likes to stay over the website. increase in dwelling rate is a sign that customers are engaging and interacting with the website better and choose to stay on it for longer. As a result of these two, visitor’s bounce rate decreases making it easy for your business website to rank higher in search results.

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of embedding Facebook feed on your business website, we are sure you have already rushed to set up a marketing strategy for the same and implement it in no time to see your business prosper.

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