How To Create A Facebook Ad Funnel

  • Date: 24 April 2019
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  • Blogger: Francisca Zimmermann

Are you considering using Facebook to grow your business, but are you unsure about the best way to do this? We believe that the best way to effectively use Facebook is by carefully setting up a Facebook funnel and using ads to effectively move your potential clients through this funnel.

Although there are several ways to do it, we will talk you through a few steps that will help you set up a Facebook funnel successfully and use Facebook advertising to turn your ‘cold audience’ into customers.

What is a funnel?

Let’s start with the basics. A funnel is, very simply said, the route a customer takes from the moment they see your company name for the first time, until the moment they start to become customer. As a company, it’s incredibly important to be aware of your funnel. Decide for yourself where you think your customer is most likely to find your company in the first place. Then imagine the path this customer could go through, to grow more interest in your company, leave his or her details and finally buy a product or service.

Facebook, and more specifically Facebook ads can have an important role in this marketing funnel. It is a perfect way to reach a large audience, identify the people that may be interested in your project, target those again and collect contact details to eventually turn them into happy customers.

In the next step we will explain exactly how you can set up a Facebook ad funnel that will make sure you find the audience that will love your product or service.

Create an offer

The first thing you need to do is decide how you would like to capture your leads. For many companies having a potential customers’ contact details is incredibly valuable. The best way to collect these details, is through a sign-up form. Think of a newsletter sign up, a download form for a free ebook, or any other forms that collects a name and email address.

If you are an e-commerce store, you could convince your customers to directly buy from you by offering a great discount on your shop or on a specific product.

Make sure you create a well designed ‘offer’ that your potential customers won’t be able to resist.

lead magnet

Warm-up content

Once you have your offer ready and know which ad you would like to show your customers, make sure you don’t start with this right away. People are not likely to sign up for an offer from a company they have never heard of before. To first gain the trust of your audience, you will have to ‘convince’ them first, with some great quality warm-up content.

Warm-up content can be anything that will catch the attention of your followers, without directly showing your offer yet. You can choose to share an interesting blog post, an infographic, relevant pictures, or anything that your audience would enjoy seeing. Make sure to add this content to your website, so visitors will be directed to your website and get to know you there.

You can promote your warm-up content to your audience through your first Facebook ad. If you have a following already (your so-called ‘warm audiences’), you can choose to first test a few versions of your warm-up content on them, to see which one performs best.

Once you have chosen the one you would like to promote through your ad, we suggest you create a ‘lookalike audience’ through audience targeting on Facebook. Your lookalike audience is an audience selected by the Facebook algorithm, that is most likely to be interested in your product.

Facebook Pixel

The next, and crucial step here, is to add a Facebook Pixel to your content page. A Facebook Pixel is a great tool that measures who visited your website coming from your Facebook ad. It collects data about who your visitors were and what they did on your page.

By knowing who visited your content page, you know exactly who is aware of your company and ‘warmed-up’ before seeing your offer.

Retargeting with your offer

Once you know who is aware of your company, you are ready to create an ad with your actual offer. The funnel slowly starts to become smaller here, and we now only focus on the people that have seen our content before.

Create an ad that ‘retargets’ the people that saw the content page linked to your previous ad.

facebook pixel

You can simply enter your Pixel ID in your ads manager while setting up the ad, and your ad will be shown to the right people.

Conversion optimization

We are now coming closer to the bottom of the funnel. To work towards conversion optimization, we add another Pixel to our offer this time, to track who opened your link again. Of course, some of your potential customers will sign up for your offer, and some will still need some more convincing.

You can repeat these steps a few extra times, adding another offer or even another warm-up style content piece to your page. If you keep adding the Pixel and every time retarget the people who clicked on your link, your funnel will become smaller and smaller, and you will be coming closer to the people who is actually interested in your product.

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