How to Start a New Blog and Drive Traffic Using Social Media?

  • Date: 18 June 2020
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Are you looking at how to start a new blog, but clueless on how to promote it via social media and boost its traffic? If yes, this article is exclusively for you. Here, we explain the commencement to final steps involved in starting a blog and boosting its traffic using social media. Read till the end to get a better understanding of the same.

How to start a Blog?


A blog is a virtual writing platform which helps the writers showcase their talents, and assist the audience in exploring newer things. The trend of blogging is raising its popularity due to the commencement and development of online education. Yes, blogging is now a new trend in education. You can use a blog to display your writing skills, promote education, explore the unknown, showcase your passion, and even for marketing purposes.

Starting a blog involves a few key steps. On following these steps one by one, you will be ready with your blog.

Let's get into the ways involved in creating a blog.

Step-1: Choose a precise niche for your blog

Pick the one that works with you and your audience. To be a successful blogger in this competitive field, you needn't know and explore things of all domains. Only by choosing a prime domain that helps you reach your desired height is far enough to move on. Be consistent in your works and keep tracking your audience range of interest by analyzing your blog engagements.

Step-2: Select a blogging platform

As you know, there are numerous blogging platforms available on the web, it is mandatory to choose the one which fits your progress. Currently, WordPress is the most used blogging platform, with almost 95% of total bloggers in it. It is the best platform for any emerging and professional bloggers to reveal their skills.

Apart from this, Blogger, which is powered by Google, is also being used by a significant number of bloggers. Blogger is a free blogging platform that is easily manageable with ready-made choosable themes in it. Before choosing a blogging platform, we recommend you to research on the trending blogging platforms which could assist you with your niche.

Step-3: Pick a domain name

Choose an SEO friendly domain name. Creating an appropriate domain name will assist you in gaining popularity. Remember, you could be recognized only by your domain name. And so, we recommend you to choose the best domain name that supports people to identify you quickly.

Step-4: Choose a theme

Choose a theme that suits your blog content and title. The more attractive and elegant your blog is, the more people point to visit it. Hence, the theme of the blog should be chosen with utmost care. Now, you are almost set with your creating process. Now, let's move to the developing process.

Step-5: Start writing content

The heart of the blog is producing effective and relevant blog articles. You must post blog content regularly. It is said that your blog articles should be keyword rich and SEO friendly. Optimizing your content using SEO strategies help you get more traffic, higher page ranking, more top search engine ranking, and higher domain authority.

Step-6: Start making money

You can earn money through guest blogging, promoting any business, writing quality content, and advertising. You can register for Google Adsense for this purpose. Guest blogging is popular nowadays, and you can consider it for the growth of your blog.

Why is it necessary to drive traffic to your blog?

website traffic

Increased traffic to your blog promotes your sales if it is a business blog. Increased traffic helps the blogger earn money out of it. Higher traffic to your blog raises your brand awareness. It makes your blog visible on the front page of Google.

It increases your search engine ranking, reduces your bouncing rate, improves your page ranking, and increases your page popularity. The more traffic to your blog, the more chances you have to produce fitted leads, reach a new customer or client, and proceed to improve your sales. It's a good way to drive your traffic using social media. Let's see how to drive traffic using social media in simple steps.

How to drive traffic to your Blog using Social media?

Here are some major tips you can follow to drive traffic to your blog using social media sites:

Engage with your target audience

Create social media handles on all popular platforms and start posting content, and make your audience aware of your blog. Whenever you publish a blog post, make sure that you let your audience know it on your social networking sites. Engagements are all about your efforts in it. So, draft a better strategy to proceed with your works.

Add your blog link to your profile

Adding your blog link to your social media profiles is the best way to promote your blog and improve its traffic. So, when someone new to your social media page visits you, automatically, they will be curious about knowing what is there in your blog. Thus, you can encourage a lot of people to visit your blog from your social media. The more visits you gain, the more your traffic is boosted.

Post Content consistently

Post content relevant to your blog and present it as attractive as you can on your social media pages. It could motivate your social media audience to check your bio. It's all about the presentational skill that you express in creating your social media posters. Try to post attractive and knowledgeable content on social media. You can even schedule your post by using various social media management tools which also help to save your time.

Posting high-quality videos/photos can improve your social media popularity. The more genuine followers you get on social media can directly influence your blog visits and comments. Thus, to get more blog visits and boost traffic, you must focus on increasing your fans/followers on your social media handles, either.

Enhance interaction

Have a constant interaction with your audience on social media. It will make you a trustworthy blogger. Answer your audience queries instantly. Be polite in your words. A harsh response could often reduce your fame online. Be straightforward in your opinions and try to talk only real content.

We hope this article suffice your requirements. Happy reading!!

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