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  • Date: 13 April 2020
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For years, businesses have had the time and the means to slowly transition their operations online, into the digital realm, and make use of the many beneficial and often very affordable digital channels to market their brands. In light of recent events, even the ones that persisted with their brick and mortar presence are now finding themselves at a steep learning curve, one that requires them to refine their sense of all things digital. Finding the most effective solutions to market your business via the internet is somewhat of an art form in its own right, and it changes and evolves with the times and circumstances.

Today, some trends have been placed on a back burner due to the health crisis, whereas some companies are doing their best to stay competitive despite the economic turmoil that has already affected many brands. Using the internet to push your presence towards the spotlight can help you survive this setback and it can become a more valuable asset when you decide to incorporate some of these tips in your digital marketing strategy for the future.

A pristine website for your brand

Whether you’re entirely new to this endless universe of online affairs, or you’ve been around for a while, every industry is rapidly changing the rules of the game. Even if you already have a site, it’s time to revamp the look of your design to make sure it’s up to par with your competitors and that it has a modern, sleek, easy to navigate layout.

Moreover, you should look into the technical details such as loading speed, image optimization, on-site content optimization, your link portfolio, and all other SEO-relevant elements. Without them, you just have a nice-looking site that no one will ever come across.

Upgrade your connection for better service

Curiously enough, not all regions of the world have caught up with the digital revolution just yet. As an example, digital marketing in Jordan is still in its early stages among many SMEs, which means that there’s plenty of room for improvement in this aspect. If you run a business in this region, then there’s so much you can do to improve your digital presence and make sure that your customer interactions are seamless.

For most companies, switching to a network based on fiber in Jordan will make a vital difference in enabling your customer service agents constant connectivity to communicate with customers without delays or glitches. Fiber optic internet is becoming a top choice among business owners as well as local households to support digital growth and to enable brands to establish their online presence with the help of modern technology.

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Connect to followers via social media

Another highly popular form of internet marketing is the use of social platforms to give your brand a human-like personality, to bring it to life for your followers, and let them interact regularly through engaging content. Social media marketing is far from a new concept, but too many brands end up in a social media rut with their old techniques.

For starters, perhaps you’ve been wasting time on platforms where there aren’t too many of your true customers. You should find networks where they really spend their time, and where they’ll be far more likely to communicate with you. Engaging social media interaction can bring you far more website visits, purchases, and loyalty than merely letting your social strategy go stale.

Craft email campaigns

Your existing customers are constantly flooded by emails from your competitors, and they are likely to forget about your business if you let them move on without keeping in touch. The perfect way to do just that is to set up email campaigns that will draw attention back to your offers. Add personalization into the mix as one of this year’s top trends, and you’ll win them right back.

Craft personalized, customized campaigns sending them discounts for products you know they’ll love, or gift coupons for those they love, which are perfect for special occasions. When you set up email campaigns with the right content and frequency, you can reconnect with your past customers and keep their interest high, while you also push forward some of your latest initiatives that they might find alluring.

Collaborate with locals and influencers

Customers are most easily swayed not by ads and sponsored posts, but by genuine reviews and comments made by your previous customers. Your audience needs to know precisely how your product fits into their lifestyles, and the best way to showcase that is to collaborate with influencers that are relevant in your industry and whose voice your audience will gladly follow.

Think of it as your online variety of word of mouth, and an ideal channel to create a transparent relationship with your audience and to use the voices of your satisfied customers and influencers to show the world how you can solve their problems.

The internet has become the place where we lead our lives as much as we do offline, so more companies are looking for effective ways to interact with their customers, connect with them on a deeper level, and establish their authority through content. It’s time to use the internet to your advantage and make the most of your powerful marketing strategy moving forward.

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