About us

Social Media Gids is a social media marketing agency with a knowledge platform and e-learning center.
We help companies, institutions and brands discover how social media issues can best be approached in a business economics way and converted to maximum return from their social media efforts. For example, to get in touch with their target audience, increase their brand awareness, recruit new customers or talent, generate website traffic, recommend new products or simply inform their target audience. Our services have been developed especially for marketers and entrepreneurs.


80% of the search for your company, institution or brand starts through the internet. The trend is that your target audience is fragmented and they deside themselves when and through which social media channel they are making their conversations. We can't close our eyes for social media marketing. As with the development of the telephone, internet and email, social media will become commonplace and become a part of the marketing- and sales community. Due to the enormous speed and open interaction in the dialogue, we see a shift in power from internal (enterprise) to external (target audience). So, the question now is more about what, how and why your target audience searches (a solution) and what affects them. Too few companies are aware of this power shift or do not have enough knowledge to adapt them to their social media communication.


Our mission is to provide you with the right handles in this fast-moving social media market. We do this by sharing valuable information, giving advice and learning to make full use of our social media tools.
We make our content accessible to our target audience through video images, listening to podcasts, news articles, industry-related issues, interviews with experts and (online) training. Besides, we take care of our target audience with a number of subscriptions if they want us to take care of their social media strategy and execution of it. By our faith in the principle of inspiration, learning and connecting, we also stimulate our online community. Professionals share information and strategies here and provide each other support needed to make social media work optimally within your field of expertise and help you reach your business goals.


Internet entrepreneur Gurby Bulo is the founder of Social Media Gids and host of @SMG Hangout. With his virtual team, they follow the latest social media developments because they like it ;-) and to provide you with the latest trends and right handles in this fast-paced, changing social media market.

If you want to know more about Gurby, check and follow him via his LinkedIn, Twitter en Snapchat profiles. 

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The name Social Media Gids, the Social Media Gids avatar and Social Media Gids Community are registered trademarks and service marks of Social Media Gids, a company located in 's-Gravenhage, The Netherlands.


We love to share our knowledge with you and help you achieve your online marketing goals, using social media. Follow us through our social media channels , become part of our community or use our twitter hashtag #HELPSMGHELPYOU if you have any questions or want to make use of our services. We help you make social media work for you.