The Middle of the Funnel: How Do You Make an Impression in the Commit Phase?

  • Date: 26 August 2020
  • reading time: 5 Minutes
  • Blogger: Francisca Zimmermann


Do you remember our latest blog ? We introduced our new blog series, in which we will focus on the three stages of the sales funnel as defined in 3-phases Digital Marketing Framework® : Connect, Commit and Close.

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In the first blog, we looked at the Connect stage of the funnel. We explained how content is essential at this stage, and how getting to know your target audience is important in order to know what to share on which platforms.

In this blog, we look at the second phase of the framework: the Commit stage. This is the middle of the funnel, where you, as a brand, build a stronger relationship with your prospect and make sure they start remembering your product or service more and more.

Are you looking for a little reminder on how the funnel works and why it is so important to design the different stages carefully? Take a look at our previous blog in this series for a bit of background and explanation.


Commit: The middle of the funnel

Let's jump right into the Commit stage.

After reaching a large audience by offering relevant content to a large group of people, it is now time to start creating a bond with them.

Many people in the middle of the funnel are busy brands. They are not only a lead in your funnel, but in the funnels of your competitors as well too. It is, therefore, crucial to stand out during the Commit stage and make people feel like you are exactly what they are looking for.

How do you do this? How do you make sure you approach your leads in the right way, and how do you get- and keep them warm? How do you lead them towards the Close stage?

For success during the Commit stage, two elements are essential. First, you need to find the right content for the specific phase, and second, you need to automate sharing this content. If you get both right, you will notice that your funnel runs smoothly and converts well, without costing too much time.


1. Commit phase content in the middle of the funnel

During the Connect phase, we shared general content that everyone in a specific target audience would find interesting. The more general this content was, the more likely you were to reach a large number of people at the top of the funnel.

In the Commit phase, content becomes a bit more specific. You want to reach the people who already know your brand, and come back for more. Content in this phase needs to focus on those who might become customers and would like to learn a bit more about your brand, but haven't decided yet.

Great examples of Commit phase content are e-mails, webinars, case studies, or FAQ sheets.

# 1 Emails

E-mails make content and communication personal. Instead of 'shooting' content at a large audience on (for instance) social media, they allow brands to communicate in a more personal way. E-mails can be started with a friendly 'Dear John', and can include personal details, nice offers or references to earlier communication. This makes them an ideal method of building the connection you are looking for in the middle of the funnel.

Did you know that you can automate your emails? With clever tools like Kartra Mail , you can make sure personal e-mails are sent out to your leads, at exactly the right time. Keep reading to find out how this works!


# 2 Webinars

Another perfect way of taking the connection with your leads to another level is through webinars. In a webinar, you show your leads the person behind your business, while demonstrating your knowledge and relevance.

With a strong funnel setup, you can automate webinar marketing completely. You can pre-record your videos, automatically reach and invite participants, collect details and follow-up with suitable offers.

# 3 Case studies

What would you like to see when you consider buying a product or service? Probably, reviews! In the Commit phase, sharing other customers' experiences is a great way to get your prospects excited for a purchase. You can choose to share your case studies in the form of interviews, videos, or short stories on your website, social media, or even in an e-mail.

# 4 FAQ sheets

Another form of content that people in the Commit phase love is a FAQ sheet. Since Commit phase leads probably have loads of questions about your brand, a list of answers will help them forward. Place yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and answer every question you think they might have.

If you give the sheet a professional look, it's a great piece of content to share on social media or on your website.


2. Automation in the middle of the funnel

In the Commit phase, lead generation is the number one goal. You want your efforts to result in as many potential customers as possible. But how do you make sure you capture and nurture your leads in a way that steers them towards the thinnest part of the funnel: The Close stage? This is where automation and funnel software comes in.

With the right software, you:

  1. Automatically capture the details of your leads. Through landing pages, pop-up screens, and lead magnet downloads (in opt-in forms), your funnel software remembers exactly who showed interest in your brand, and creates lists of the leads you can retarget later.
  2. Use segmentation to automatically divide your leads into different categories, so you can approach them accordingly. For instance, leads in Amsterdam receive an offer for your Amsterdam branch; leads who attended a webinar will be asked to join your membership group, and leads who haven't been in touch with you for a while will receive a nice update in the form of an extra newsletter. The better you personalize your offers and communication, the higher your chance of success.
  3. Send beautiful and efficient e-mails. Segmentation often results in an e-mail campaign. E-mail is an extremely efficient way to be in touch with your leads, and to approach them in a way they notice and like. Did you know that 83% of customers say email is one of their preferred ways of communicating with brands? With the right funnel software, you can pre-schedule your e-mails and predefine when you want them to be sent out and to which segments of leads. Think of a nice welcome e-mail to new customers, weekly updates to existing customers, and exclusive offers to members of your membership club, for instance.
  4. Use lead-scoring to calculate which leads are most likely to become customer.

In the Commit phase, you are starting to direct your efforts to those who are more likely to become customers. Although a lot of the engagement is automated, it remains helpful to know who usually ignores your communication and who has been in touch with you before.

With the right funnel tool, you can automatically track which leads have the most potential. Factors like website visits, social media engagement, and contact requests make the score go up. Especially sales professionals will find this incredibly helpful because it helps them focus their efforts on the leads with the highest score and the most potential.

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So, what is funnel software, and which tool should you use to get all of this automation done? We are a big fan of Kartra.

Kartra can do all the above, and way more. Think of:

And the coolest thing? All these services are interconnected and function as one All-In-One marketing platform. Ideal to get your Commit phase content seen and automate your funnel in the most efficient way.


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