10 Highly Important Tasks of a Social Media Manager

  • Date: 10 November 2017
  • reading time: 3 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

1. Strategy

As a social media manager, there are a few goals that you might be able to focus on. Brand awareness, involvement, traffic and registrations. It is also a challenge to find out how you can ensure that your social media objectives are in line with your general business objectives. This is where a solid social media strategy comes in handy.

2. Enter into interaction

Together with creating and curating (finding, selecting, categorizing, possibly commenting and disseminating) content, maintaining and interacting with your target group has major consequences for each brand. This helps to create a community of loyal supporters who will ultimately help you share information about your product or service on social media.

3. Create

The foundation of every social media manager is creating good content. Content is the heart of your social channels and keeps your target audience reading, involved and interactive with your brand. It is important to learn how to create all kinds of content. From videos to GIFs to infographics and more.

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4. Curating

Depending on the different types of content you share in the social field, curating can have a huge impact on your overall social media results. Finding, selecting, categorizing, possibly commenting and disseminating content from others. Just like taking the most appropriate content for your brand.

5. Planning

Planning ahead and scheduling content is another smart move that makes a world of difference for your brand. We have found that our posts are best received early in the morning, in the evenings and on weekends. Choosing a social media management system that allows you to post messages even when you are not online makes your life much easier and improves your results.

6. Listen

There are so many opportunities for marketers and brands to proactively search and enter into relationships with potential customers within your target group. However, choosing the right listening instrument is crucial for finding relevant terms and conversations within your industry.

7. Measure

Once your messages are scheduled and sent to social media, it's time to analyze their performance. How many clicks did they get? How many votes, reactions and shares? How did it affect your brand? Then, if you go a step further, how can you use those statistics to make better decisions in the future? That is where good social media managers distinguish themselves from the rest!

8. Help

The use of social media as a customer service tool has increased significantly in recent years. Customers no longer rely on 0800 numbers for answers to their questions. They go to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Whether people approach you with a question, comment, care or complaint, it is the job of a social media manager to find the best action plan to help that person.

9. Learning

Learning as much as possible in the field of social media has consequences for your brand or company, both in the short and the long term. There is a steep learning curve to become a great social media manager and build your skills.

10. Experimenting

We love experiments here at Social Media Guide. Our experience tells us that we experiment, the more we do not know what we do and what does not do on social media. We've tried all sorts of things from Instagram Stories, Facebook Live to podcasting. Continuing to experiment comes back in all 10 very important tasks of a social media manager.

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