10 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Be Using

  • Date: 29 April 2020
  • reading time: 5 Minutes
  • Blogger: Abhyank Srinet

Facebook is a massive and most widely used social media platform, connecting billions of people across the globe. But if you're a marketer or are running a business, you wouldn't want to miss out on any feature that could be leveraged to soar your online presence on Facebook.

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So, here are the top 10 Secret Facebook features you should get your hands on right away:

Save it with ‘Save for later’:

With Facebook's 'Save for later' feature, you can save links, articles, posts, movies, music, etc. and use the content strategically to the best of your Facebook page's advantage by curating and publishing-related content.

Only you would see the items you save unless you wish to share them with your Facebook friends or page followers.

Interest Lists will keep you organized:

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How much perfect does it feel to have all your stuff organized and see only the things that interest you?

Well, Facebook's interest lists work in a similar fashion, enabling you to create your interest lists and scroll through the content in which you're interested.

Being a marketer, you would always be on the lookout for new trends, news, information, updates, etc. Thus, to keep your feed all organized with the content that interest you, Facebook's interest can save you a lot of time. You may choose to segment your interest list by broadly categorizing the content you most like to see, such as creating a list by country, industry, tools/mediums, top niche experts, etc.

Interest lists would also potentially help you devise new content for your Facebook account/page.

Facebook insights:

Everyone seeks to thrive in their niche, and so it's crucial to keep tabs on your competitors' content. Facebook insights would enable you to track pages of your competitors, and you can easily look at the top posts of the pages you watch.

Also, you have the flexibility to add up to 100 Pages to Watch and remove a page whenever you wish to. People managing a particular page are notified when you add their page to watch, but it doesn't include your name.

Export your Facebook history for business analytics:

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Did you know you can download your whole Facebook history and gain analytical insights into it?

The history would entail all the information relevant to your account and activity log like your timeline info, your shared posts, messages, photos, etc. Apart from your account information, it also includes details like those of the ads you have clicked, IP addresses through which you logged into your Facebook account, facial recognition data, and a lot more.

Having downloaded your entire history, you would be amazed to see the enormous amount of information Facebook holds about you. To download your Facebook insights, go to settings, and click on 'Download a copy'.

See your Facebook Page Fans List:

You can easily track your fans list on Facebook and trace their likes on your posts from time to time. Certainly, everyone desires engagement on their posts and activities from real accounts, and therefore, it's important to weed out the fake accounts lurking around on your page.

Follow these easy steps to get hands-on your fans list- go to your page settings, click on “Banned Users” on the left sidebar, click on the menu that says “Banned" to reveal the dropdown menu, and click on “People Who Like This”.

Mark all notifications as read:


Running a page or pages by yourself often paves the way for tonnes of notifications. You receive notifications on your page activities or ad campaigns, which makes the notification number ever-increasing.

In such cases, you surely would not want to turn off the notifications. What's better is to make all Facebook notifications as read and click open the notifications which are important to you.

Here's how to do mark notifications as read- go to your page settings, click on “Mark all notifications as read” on the top right corner, and you're done.

Pin posts to the top of your timeline:

This feature is not known to all, but it potentially helps increase the visibility of your posts. So, why are you not doing it?

There would be certain posts on your page that have got the maximum likes, shares, or have just performed blazingly. Thus, you can use these high engagement level posts to grab the attention of the newbies who have recently followed or landed on your page.

Just find a post that you want to pin on your timeline, click the “More” icon (the three dots) on the upper right side of your post, and choose “Pin to Top of Page".

Convert post likes into page likes:


If they haven't “liked” your page yet, you can invite them to do so by hitting the “Invite” button.

You can pick posts that you recently promoted in your marketing campaign. Check for the liked (blue thumbed icon) to have a list of people who liked your particular post. Then, with this list, you can screen whether or not these people have liked your Facebook page. For those who haven't “liked” your page yet, you can invite them by hitting the “Invite” button.

Identify the Best Time to Post Your Content:

It's essential to figure the ideal time to publish your content and this can only be done by analysing data on Facebook Insights. Your content marketing efforts can skyrocket if you dig deep into your page insights.

View your post insights to get useful information like what time your fans are most online by day of week and time of day so that you can determine the most desirable time to post. Also, by observing your post reach and engagements, you'll decipher a deeper sense of the content you should post and the substance your audience is most responsive to.

Keep an eye on Relevance score:


It's imperative to ensure that your ads are delivered to your targeted and most appropriate audiences. Thus, keeping tabs on your ad relevance score would help you boost your ROI. Since this is a relatively new feature, and only a few might have gained access to it.

Facebook intends to help advertisers in two ways through its relevance score:

Relevance scores would enable you to pilot test new ad creatives before fixing the budget. Once the pilot ad gets 500 impressions, the relevance score is computed and displayed.

In the long run, relevance scores can significantly drop the cost of reaching your target audience. A high relevance score proves as a green signal to the advertising system, indicating that your ads will be more favorably ranked (and displayed) compared to other ads.

Facebook considerably finds time in our daily lives, and somehow only a handful of marketers are equipped with all the features it provides.

But with this amazing list of features, you can join the pack of advanced marketers who use these handy Facebook features to their utmost advantage and save a lot of time and effort, boost their likes, engagement, and fuel their ROI.

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