5 Kartra Sales Funnel Samples For Effortless Conversion

  • Date: 27 October 2020
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As you probably already know, we love Kartra. This extremely complete marketing platform not only offers landing pages, e-mail marketing, helpdesk services, and much more; it also offers the tools to build fully automated sales funnels.

With a Kartra sales funnel, you can automate your entire sales and marketing process. Think of automated lead generation, e-mail sequences, and even possibilities for more advanced functions such as webinar integrations and member sections.

In this blog, we will dive into the different types of funnels we have build using Kartra. We will tell you which fully pre-designed funnels we have to offer and give you more information about 5 beautiful sales funnel samples.

sales funnel samples

Why a “Done For You” sales funnel?

Online marketing automation platforms are amazing.They allow us to design a pre-planned order of marketing actions and cause our leads to roll in on auto-pilot.

As defined in our previous funnel blog, we see a funnel as a:

Planned route that marketers want potential customers to take, from the first time they hear a company's name until the moment they become loyal fans.

By automating this process, you can tell your marketing automation systems what actions you want to take when your leads are moving through the funnel, (for instance, opening e-mails, seeing landing pages, or looking at social media posts).

For example, you tell your system to send everyone who opened two of your blogs an e-mail with a great offer. Those who take the offer will automatically get a thank-you-mail after their purchase. The ones who don’t take the offer yet, will receive a reminder after a week.

thank you

This is, of course, just one example. The possibilities are endless, and building a successful funnel requires quite a lot of planning. You need to calculate exactly how you want all your marketing actions to correspond, in which order, and for which people.

With a “done for you” funnel, however, you save a lot of time. The structure (and look) of a funnel in specific industries are often very similar. For instance, the most successful funnels that promote webinars, always have a similar setup. By buying a pre-created funnel, your research has already been done for you. You can be sure your funnel is functional, converts very well, and looks great.

In collaboration with Kartra, we are able to offer several “done for you” funnels. To buy one, all you have to do is choose the one that suits your business best, import it to your Kartra account, customize it to your branding, add your content, and you are ready to start selling.

5 Done For You sales funnels built in Kartra that you can start using today

Let’s take a look at five of our favorite “done for you” sales funnels.

1. Coaching website

The coaching business is hot and happening at the moment. Life coaches, business coaches, consultants and many other wonderful experts help their clients make the changes they need in life.

Running a coaching business online and finding the right new clients can be challenging, though. How do you reach your audience? How do you capture your leads, take payments, and how do you provide your clients with access to the coaching material that is part of your program?

We offer a pre-designed Coaching funnel. This is a well-designed website that includes features like a membership section, helpdesk services, check-out features, already set up lead generation forms, e-mail sequences, a blog, and much more. All you need to do is customize. Add your details, your photos, your branding and your content, and you are ready to go!

Are you Interested? You can find more information about this funnel on our website.

female coach funnel

Are you running a coaching business but feel that this pink website looks a bit too feminie for you? No worries! The Male Coaching website might suit your style better. And keep in mind that this is just a template. You can customize the entire page to your own style.

2. Kartra Webinar funnel

As more and more activity occurs online, we have to mention two of our favorite funnels: the Webinar funnel and the Virtual Summit funnel. Let’s start with the Webinar funnel.

A webinar is an amazing way to share knowledge and make a personal connection with your prospects, entirely online.

For some hosts, however, it can be a struggle to figure out the technical sides of it. How do you organize registrations? How do you easily keep attendees up to date? How do you follow up with your audience after the webinar has ended?

With the ready-made Webinar funnel, all these problems are solved. All you have to do is download and customize the funnel, and you have everything you need: An attractive website, marketing automation sequences, a helpdesk, and all the technical features you need to run your webinar smoothly. No additional Webinar software is needed!

webinar funnel

Are you Interested? You can find more information about this beautiful funnel on our website.

3. Virtual Summit funnel

From the Webinar, let’s dive straight into another funnel that benefits many businesses in this increasingly digital era.

The Virtual Summit is a fantastic way to substitute offline summits or conferences that might not be able to take place in their usual form at the moment. With a well-organized summit, you can grow your audience, demonstrate your knowledge, and make money. Consider, for instance, to give your audience access to your summit recordings. Or offer extra content that your audience can request paid access to. These can be great solutions for those who can’t host a live summit at the moment.

Just like the Webinar funnel, the Virtual Summit funnel includes everything you need to host a successful online event. Even the technology you need to involve different speakers, as is often the case in a conference setting, is already set up for you.

Just download the funnel, customize it and you are ready to make your summit a great success.

virtual summit funnel

Do you need more info? In our recent blog, we gave you a step-by-step list on how to best organize your Virtual summit by using a ready-made Kartra funnel.

4. Strategy Sall funnel

Sometimes, all you need to find the right customers is sign-ups for a strategy call. As, for instance, a consultant, a marketeer, or a coach, a call can be the number one way to attract new customers.

The Strategy Call funnel helps you organize the process of planning these calls. It automates your outreach completely, and enables you to generate hundreds of them on auto-pilot. Ideal, right?

Simply download the funnel, customize it to your business, send existing leads or traffic to the Strategy Call Landing page, and your calls will come in quickly. Magic? Almost! Take a look at our website to find out how this works and what you can expect from this funnel.

strategy call funnel

5. Product Launch funnel

Last but not least, the Product Launch. E-commerce businesses are among the businesses that benefit from a functional sales funnel the most. Many online stores have a beautiful shop available, but find it difficult to lead people towards their shop. This is especially a problem for newer brands.

The product launch funnel solves this problem. This clever funnel presents a new product (with a link to the existing website), structures the sales process, includes automated e-mail sequences, allows for a membership area and much more.

We promise you, it’s an amazing feeling to automatically see your audience guided to your landing page!

product launch funnel

Are you Interested? You can find more information about this wonderful funnel on our website.


A sales funnel for almost every business

Are the above funnels not what you are looking for? Take a look at our list of funnel templates on the Social Media Gids website. Here you can find many more amazing funnels that you can start using right away. A funnel for a live event, for instance, a local business funnel or an e-commerce power funnel. Ideal for drop-shippers!

Need help?

Do you need help setting up your funnel, getting started with Kartra, or would you like a brainstorm session on how to grow your online business?

We would love to help you! Feel free to contact us for a FREE strategy call so you can tell us more about your business goals.

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Would you like to learn more about social media marketing, sales funnels, and marketing in general? Then our Social Media Gids Community might be worth checking out. On this platform, you can find all our training material and discuss your progress with like-minded entrepreneurs. Message us for more info, so we can tell you precisely what you can expect from your subscription.

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