Are Social Media Stories Good for Brands?

Snapchat was the pioneer on sharing a glimpse into your life with friends. In 2017, this Story format started to become mainstream in the social media world. Brands, however, struggled to see the usefulness of this format. But Facebook, answered their doubts.

Brands Saw Social Media Like Facebook to Reach a Wider Audience

Facebook, has relied on advertising as their primary source for their revenue. Brands saw the network as a portal to reach a wider audience. With Facebook, brands were able to create ads for specific areas, ages and interests. However, there was a problem. Younger audiences do not use Facebook because it lacks uniqueness which makes other social media platforms 'cool'.

To Reach the Audience, Facebook and Instagram Emulated Snapchat's Story Feature

When Facebook saw the success of Snapchatin reaching a younger audience, it tried to emulate their style. In 2016, Facebook-owned Instagram, introduced their own version of Snapchat Stories,which immediately drew Snapchat's devoted users. Instagram also continued to improve their Story functionality and Facebook added this feature as well. This resulted in more people using one platform or the other. More brands used Stories to build audience and engage consumers.

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Fastory Reports That Brands Plan to Use a Variety of Channels for Their Stories

Based on Fastory reports, users plan to use a variety of channels in creating stories. Users are predicted to use Instagram 35.5% of the time, Snapchat 19.7% of the time, Facebook 19.7%, Messenger 10.5%, WhatsApp 7.95% and other channels 6.6% of the time.

Since the introduction of Stories started with Snapchat in 2013, it has, since then, become common to other social media networks like Instagram Stories in 2016, WhatsAppStatus (2017), Skype Highlights (2017), Medium Series (2017), Messenger Day ( 2017), Facebook Stories (2017) and Youtube (2017). Users of this feature was also recorded at 300 million in October or 2017 for Instagram and WhatsApp. Snapchat remains as teens' favorite go-to site in viewing Stories, while Instagram is favored by 35-44 year olds among US users.

The Stories Are Made Into Burning Their Brand Stories

Seventy-four percent (74%) or non-governmental organizations jumped into the phenomenal success of Stories. Other industries which use Other brands and services included in: travel and grooming, beauty, other consumer services, other consumer goods, retail, publishing, saas, advertising and marketing, education, fashion and style, food and beverage, and luxury goods. On Instagram, brands activ use Stories for various products and services like: fitness, fashion, retail, technology, airlines, automotive, travel and finally, food and drink.

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Since its boom in 2017, social media storiesseem to be the norm in advertising brands. It is also seen that companies are setting aside budgets for creating stories that explain their brands. Therefore, it is best to get into it if you want to make your mark in the social media landscape. Your stories will help you reach or capture the market you want.

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