Different Ways To Embed Social Media Feed To Your Website

  • Date: 18 Nov 2019
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Social media is on a boom for quite a while now. It serves over a whopping 3.5 billion active users all around the world. It provides masses with a platform to convey their messages, ideas, thoughts, opinions, moments to the world. This makes social media the best platform to use for the marketing of a brand. It can immensely help you reach a larger audience with little effort and investment. 

The use of User-Generated Content (UGC) gives social media the power to influence customers. So you can start by embedding social media feed to your website to attract more customers.

Different Ways to embed social media feed to your website:


Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool that lets you display your social media feed on your website by fetching content from different social media platforms. It collects the content through hashtags and account handles at one location and forms a wall. You can then add this wall to your website. 

It allows you to customize your wall as well. You can design and curate your wall with its Personalization Panel and filter your content with the Moderation Panel. The Analytics feature generates reports for the performance of your wall, you can study how visitors are reacting and make changes accordingly. 

One amazing feature of Taggbox is Taggshop, it lets you change UGC into shoppable posts. You can tag your products in the pictures and redirect the customers to the product pages. There are many other features that can help you make your social media feed more engaging and attractive. 

Once you have completed the wall, you can easily generate an embed code and paste it on your website. You’re good to go!


Flockler is also a social media aggregator that lets you gather user-generated content from various social media platforms and display and embed as one social media feed. It gives you the option to automatically display the content or moderate your content by accepting or rejecting each post. 

You can easily embed social media feed on your website by generating an embed code and pasting it on your website. The responsive layout can adjust to any screen size, may it be mobiles, laptops or any other. 


EmbedSocial is a platform that believes in helping websites display their products and services through social proof. They do this by helping brands embed their social media feed on their website. You can also turn your social media feed into shoppable social media feed with this tool. 

This tool provides you with insights and reports for the performance of your social media feed. It can help you understand your consumer behaviour and enhance their experience accordingly.

You can embed the feed by pasting an embed code to your website. This code will be generated by the tool itself.


Prophoto enables you to embed your Instagram posts on your website in a beautiful grid format. It is a responsive widget that lets you post your Instagram feed anywhere on your website. Each thumbnail is linked to your Instagram as well, which gives people access to visit your Instagram profile from your website itself. 

Now you know how you can embed your Instagram feed to your website but the actual question here is what benefits do you have in doing so. 

Benefits of using these tools for embedding your Social Media Feed:

Customizable: These tools give you many options to choose from, you can easily opt for themes, fonts, and colours that go with your website. These tools give you full permission to customize your wall according to your likes and dislikes.

Real-time updating: These tools provide you with real-time content i.e. they can update the feed almost instantly after a post has been uploaded. This can give you the opportunity to display the latest content for your website visitors.

Moderation: You have access to all the content that will be displayed, you can filter the content according to you. You can remove the posts you think are not fit to go on the website.

Analytics: Most of these tools allow you to generate performance reports for your feed. You can accordingly study them and work on your business for better results and user-experience.

Take Away

Embedding your social media feed on your website can work out in many different ways for your brand. It not only increases user-engagement but it helps you generate social proof for your brand as well. 

It will help you build a more solid social presence which will help you with your brand awareness. Brand trust is also heightened with the use of UGC. Along with that, it boosts your website traffic giving you a higher conversion rate.

Adding social media feed to your website can work as a great marketing solution for your business. So wait no more and start working already.

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