For the Novice Twitter; Let Twitter Increase Your Chances in Marketing and Business

  • Date: 28 May 2017
  • reading time: 3 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

The usefulness of Social Media is no longer under discussion as a Marketing / Business Tool. Usable for all commercial companies, business units, institutions, services and brands. The Twitter platform also increases your chances in marketing and business.

In particular, the usefulness and possibilities of adopting a pragmatic approach. Some tips for the novice twitterer;

In practice you see texts whose message is too vague and the target audience is too general. The result is that it is intended. Sin of all the effort you have made yourself. Ask yourself, why twitter, for whom the message is meant, what is the message and why I think that this mix will be successful in this setup.

Indicate the name or names of your recipient (s) for all your e-mails. You increase the chance that they feel personally approached. Think of uploading all email contacts and linking them with your Twitter addresses.

For example on Twitter and linking them to your own lists. You can also choose separate lists. You quickly build on your (business) network.

Search on Twitter for complaints and complainants in your industry;

Where one expresses his or her dissatisfaction with products or services, another shows what it actually lacks from the service of a supplier. Poor communication from the supplier is a major source or annoyance with these types of complaints. Realize that these complaining twitterers can be your potential customers.


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Make sure that your (Re) Tweets and other digital expressions are supported with images. The effects of "images" strengthen your message significantly. Research shows that, depending on the chosen visual material, the attention can be as much as 60%. Think of photo-video material, but also tables and statistics. Remember that these images should at least be 500px in size.

Human behavior is the modern variant in Twitter marketing . Respond to the contemporary human need to gather a lot of information. We click en masse on links to gather this knowledge and learn from it. Our brains are constantly directing this behavior. Use this knowledge when drafting your Tweet, think about design, image and word choice.

Choose the right moment. Determine which message can be best at which time. An interesting message sent at the wrong time can be turned out to be counterproductive. This is, for example, far too early, not yet topical enough or comes as a mustard after the meal.
Make an annual plan. Which content at what time and what frequency and for what person or persons you have insight into your future activities and the "why".
In short; bring everything you do, do and have done in schedule. This increases your personal and business R eturn O n I nvestment in your Twitter marketing.

We are curious about your experiences! Share with us what experiences you have with Twitter about increasing your opportunities in Marketing and Business.

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