Global State of the Digital World in 2018

  • Date: 05 March 2018
  • reading time: 45 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

From Argentina to Zambia, 239 countries, the Global State of the Digital World will be in one data-packed report that covers what the digital world has in store for us this year.

Four billion people are now online and new digital behaviors are emerging. It is predicted by Simon Kemp or We are Socials, that keyboards will be replaced by voice commands and cameras and that visual content will dominate social media and messaging. It is also predicted by Kemp that, new technologies will offer better digital experience all over the world. That is why it is best to keep up with these technologies, rethink their strategies and adapt.

For us, we should be able to understand global trends and act on local insights. In the Americas, this report shows a comprehensive view of the social media habits, mobile patterns and e-commerce behaviors of consumers of North, Central, and South America. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the report uncovers how social, e-commerce and mobile behaviors are increasing. It also highlights digital insights for France, Germany, and the UK. For Asia and the Pacific, it would tackle, understanding mobile usage, key growth indicators, and emerging social media activities. An insightful look will also focus on trends in Singapore, Australia, China, Malaysia, and others.

Digital in 2018 Global Overview from We Are Social

Not all trends are worth following

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