How can you drive traffic to your website through Social Media?

  • Date: 25 February 2020
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Do you know, in the world of digital marketing, traffic is given the status of “God”. This traffic is also directly related to the people, but it gives a lot of benefits to the website, the more traffic, the more visibility of website will increase on internet, which will be beneficial for online marketers to make their existence stronger. Social media, whose gimmick is now on every age group and with this, Businesses also get a lot of benefits, because of the variety of ads and campaigns today, social media is accessible to people because walking on social media of people is beneficial for businesses and it also helps to grow the customer base. Social media also gives the platform to promote or publicize the products and services.

Social media platform plays an important role in making the company popular among people. It also enables companies to track the process, success, and engagement through data analytics tools, which is already available on many social media platforms. Social media platforms allow individuals, businesses, and other organizations to interact with different people and users to build a relationship with different communities online by creating a successful branding strategy that can be helpful for the company’s better future.

Now let us know which such social media platforms are there, which can drive traffic to the website to a great extent. Let’s have a look –



Facebook is the uncrowned king of the social media world today where people share pictures, videos, and news and new ideas, and it is also beneficial for online marketers to get better and qualitative traffic as online marketers can post their product ads on it. People, who are always looking for something special, can find their destination on Facebook, and as soon as they like that product, people will not be able to stay without visiting the website, and similarly, the websites got quality customers as well, and all this can be accomplished through Facebook.


Twitter is a well-known name in the world of social media, in which every common and special appears. It is a very interactive social media platform where the website can get a genuine opinion and support of the audience about their product and services and most importantly, this platform helps in improvising the brand awareness as well as promote the products.



LinkedIn is a very big official social media platform where big billionaires are also seen. In such a situation, it can be estimated that how much small businesses can get bigger benefits, and at the same time, looking at your business website of other people can give tremendous benefits. Professionals who are looking for a job or business opportunities mostly use it; also, at the same time, other businesses and people can look at your business website, and this can greatly benefit the business.


social media

Instagram has powerful and interactive features that help in connecting with the audience. It is having several features such as go live on your social media, create polls on the story, and use hashtags. Online marketers can use hashtags or ask them to follow or tag the profiles. Most importantly, create links that link to the website.



WhatsApp is one of the fastest and most trusted social media platforms, and it is used to send personalized messages, images, videos, documents, and live locations directly to the customers, and it is also helpful in sending bulk messages to the lots of customers in very less time. Companies started using this largely because it is cost-effective, having promotional options, and quick to spread messages.



As the name implies, one of the biggest platforms where the website can get the greatest traffic. There are millions of photos and videos available on this social media network, and it drives more traffic than other platforms such as Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If someone wants to post high-quality photos and videos, just pin that images and videos to Pinterest under the right category, and it will send the quality traffic to the website as the images also contain a full website URL and checkmark.



Quora is the biggest Q&A platform, and it is like "Encyclopedia", where everyone gets their proper and accurate answers and most importantly, it drives the traffic to the website but solving the problems of users, and if user gets satisfactory answers then, users will surely visit the website, and this will give the better traffic and ranking. Quora is a quality network and is used by many influencers, so it’s a very useful platform to get quality backlinks.



YouTube is one of the largest, most trusted, and favorite video sharing platforms. User can share videos with over 800 million viewers a month. Companies can share their newly launched product videos on YouTube with the backlinks to the website so that people would visit the website for additional insights whenever they watch the video.

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is one of the best and most popular Q&A websites. With the help of this website, online marketers can get the better and qualitative traffic on their website as there are several users and audience are connected with Yahoo, and everyone likes genuine and fair answers, and here this website proves to be most effective and it is like Greek God for online marketers.

So here, we learned about some popular social media platforms. Still, the biggest question is standing in front of us like a wall, and that is how this social media helps in increasing the traffic of websites. So, let's have a look at some reasons that will help to know how these social media proves to be a boon for online marketers.

Everyone likes to be noticed. Almost every social media platforms provide the facility to post the stuff related to business. Therefore, it is mandatory to share the website URL in the profile bio and about section. This step will direct the visitors to the next level, and they will surely visit the website to check the amazing products and services, and this will also help in getting better traffic on the website and also increase the ranking in search results. Facebook, Instagram is one of the most famous platforms, and these platforms can convert them into reality.

One more important thing to note here is the details related to the website should be SEO rich that can give a positive and competitive advantage, and the content should contain relevant keywords and links, which can boost up the searches. Facebook, Wiki, are helpful in creating high-quality backlinks to the website, which can prove to be a remarkable advantage.

As research has found, people are more satisfied with watching the written content in the video form than reading it, and they understand the content in a much better way. Facebook, Pinterest, and Insta give users a platform that they can make attractive visual content for people to get more and more social media visibility. Pinterest allows the users to post high definition visual contents such as HD photographs, graphics, well-designed layouts, and visuals that tell everything about product and services, etc.

Therefore, these are some of the methods that are helpful in getting better quality traffic on the website through social media, and websites can be viral overnight using these methods.


This file summarizes the power of social media and how social media platforms play an important role in driving traffic to websites. Today, social media is everywhere and every age group is attracted to social media because its numerous acts and features bring people to themselves.

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