How Social Media Managers Can Deliver A Great Twitter Experience

  • Date: 25 May 2018
  • reading time: 2 minuten Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

A study conducted by Forrester says that 79% of brands are aiming at improving customer experience and this is one of the top priorities in their social marketing strategies. This article will talk about some strategies on how social media managers can give customers an outstanding customer experience.

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Emotionally Connect With the Audience

Move beyond customer satisfaction and connect with your customers emotionally or at an emotional level. Doing so is proven to maximize customer value. By strategizing on how to gain insight into the deeper concerns, motivations, and needs of your Tweets, you can connect with them, through your content, emotionally.

Concentrate on Building Conversations

Get deeper engagement with your customers by building conversations on topics that matter to your audience. Some questions on how to do this: asking questions, responding to follower content, using Twitter polls, and hosting Tweet chats.

Recognize Your Brand's Story, Customers, and Goals

Get to know your brand more than anyone else. Dig deep into the customers' journey and ask your co-workers how to create content and get engagement. You should also have support strategies that can start with discovering your brand.

Be Aware That Timeliness Matters

Timeliness is very important on Twitter . It was found on this social media platform, people who complain here because replies within an hour. Stay connected and use dashboards that would let you track brand mentions, misspellings, to relevant keywords. By doing so, you will be able to respond to positive or negative feedback fast and on time.


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Clarify Your Customer Experience Strategy

Develop a clear customer experience strategy. Define your strategy for Twitter. Identify what you want to happen. Are you going to use Twitter for customer service support, or to develop stronger relationships with your customers? Look into analytics, content, and commitment to support your important goals.

Continuously Ask for Feedback

Always ask your customers for feedback. Ask feedback on what your customers need and want from you. Ask Tweets from followers, and send instant messages with more details about their concerns and suggestions. Also, take quick and targeted surveys. Communication between customers and your brand are very valuable in finding out what you can do on Twitter and beyond. If there is a need, amplify your marketing efforts through ad engagements.

Deliver great customer experience on Twitter by understanding your audience and your company's goals. Focus on creating content, engagement strategies and analytics feedback to make your goals and objectives happen.

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