How to Build an Online Money Making Machine

  • Date: 11 June 2020
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  • Blogger: Francisca Zimmermann

The way we work is changing. Especially over the past few months, more and more people feel the need to create an online income that offers stability and freedom in insecure times.

Wouldn't it be amazing not to have to worry about losing your job in times of crisis? Wouldn't it be great to conduct all your work activities online and be entirely location independent?

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In this blog, we will look at the importance of freedom and stability in our jobs. We will explain how the latest online possibilities allow us to change the way we work and how everyone can build their own online money-making machine by using the right platforms and tools.

Creating freedom by earning money online

Most of the entrepreneurs we speak to give ‘freedom’ as one of the main reasons for starting their own project or company. It’s an amazing feeling to have control over your own work, strategy, and work-life-balance.

However, in reality, this freedom is often a myth. Entrepreneurship is incredibly hard and time-consuming. Most people have amazing ideas but spend most of their time feeling pressured to stimulate sales and generate leads. They waste so much energy on networking, building marketing strategies, and trying to sell their product or service, that they end up exhausted. Doing all of this by yourself is a lot, and often means less time to actually enjoy the freedom that was expected at the start.

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The solution: Build clever money making machine

Luckily, the internet solves many of these problems. It's incredible to see how many online tools have been popping up over the past years. Have you heard of terms like 'marketing automation,' 'segmentation', and 'funnel software' before? All of these are strategies that save lots of time and make entrepreneurship significantly easier.

In 2020, entrepreneurs can automate their complete sales and marketing process. This means that, after setting up the right tools, the entrepreneur is basically done. The tools take over, generate money, and the

entrepreneur can enjoy the freedom he/she wished for.


Sounds easy, right?

Of course, in reality, most entrepreneurs will keep busy anyway. They will monitor the automated process; they will improve their product and keep interacting with customers. But believe us, most entrepreneurs with a strong online marketing machine, save time, and see strong growth in income.

Let’s take a look at the main steps to take while setting up a successful money-making machine.

1. Build a website

Online money making machines won’t work without a website. As we described in our previous blog about building the first website, a website helps to communicate a message and present a product or service. Without a website, people simply can’t find your product or service.

We suggest you take a look at our blog about building a website, so you have an idea of the main things to consider when working on your site.

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2. Know your audience

A website is a great start, but you need to know how to use it. You need to know what your audience likes, what they find interesting, what style will attract them, and on which content you need to share to capture their attention.

The better you understand your audience, the better you can set up your website for success.

To start your audience research, ask yourself the following questions:

Make sure to research your ideal customers carefully. A few great ways to do so, are through:

We advise you to create a document where you clearly describe your target audience, including answers to the four questions above.

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3. Build a sales funnel

Once you have a website and know your audience, it’s time to build your actual money-making machine: the sales funnel.

By building an online sales funnel that incorporates your website and captures your audience, your online money-making machine starts working.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel looks like an inverted pyramid, divided into three phases.

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In the connect stage, a large group of people will enter the funnel. They will hear about your company for the first time, through (for instance) social media posts, blog articles, or online ads.

In the commit stage, some of those people will hear of your company for a second or third time. Through strategies like automated mailing, landing pages, and lead magnets they will be led towards the smaller part of the funnel.

Lastly, in the close stage, some of the people who have been in touch with your company for a while will choose to buy a product or service. And even better, they will become customers who like your brand and refer your product or service to others.

The money-making machine: Online funnel software

Does all of this sound like a lot of work? Luckily it’s not. Instead of guiding people through the funnel manually, there are great tools available to do this for you.

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With an online funnel platform, you can automate the entire sales process. By setting up your website, picking your target audience, and connecting a funnel tool, you can guide your potential customers through the funnel without any manual action. This results in an easy income, and lots of freedom to work on the things you are passionate about.

How does this work?

Most of our clients love working with Kartra.

Kartra is a sales funnel tool and All-In-One Marketing Platform‎ that helps you automate a large part of your sales and marketing work.

By using the platform correctly, you can collect email addresses by using a lead magnet, send out emails (to the right people, at the right moments), and follow up with your leads with relevant offers. All fully automated.

The webinar funnel: An example of ready-made money making machine

So, what does an online funnel look like? Let's look at an example.

Let's say you are starting a coaching or consultancy business. You want to attract people to your website, and offer them a coaching membership. How? By getting your target audience to opt-in on your mailing list, and by sharing interesting content that convinces them to join your program.

How do you do this?

  1. You set up a website, or buy a website that has been set up for your coaching work already.
  2. By using social media and online advertising, you nurture your target audience towards a specific landing page on your website.
  3. Here, your automated funnel starts working. When a visitor lands on that specific landing page, he/she will find a lead magnet, like a valuable ebook or a downloadable infographic. By exchanging their email address for the lead magnet, they will be able to download this online product. The now become leads, as your funnel will use their details to move them further into the funnel.
  4. With automated email sequences, the funnel will start sending out content to the right audience at the right time (think of videos, webinars, or a free trial). When your prospect (lead becomes prospect) shows interest in the content, he/she will receive an invite to sign up for the coaching program and become a customer.

Of course, you need to create content and upload this to the funnel once. However, once this is done, your money-making machine starts working for you - and you can simply see the subscriptions (and money) flow in.

Can you imagine the amount of time a setup like this can save you?

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Need help?

We have developed a successful 3-phased Digital Marketing Framework® that combines social media marketing, online advertising, and (automated) sales funnel in a fast and successful way. By combining these three aspects, we usually manage to build an online marketing machine in only 90 days.

Are you interested? Feel free to us for a FREE strategy call so we can plan the success of your business together.

Would you like to learn more about social media marketing, sales funnels, and marketing in general? Then our Social Media Gids Community might be worth checking out. On this platform, you can access all our training material and discuss your progress with like-minded entrepreneurs. Contact us for more info, so we can tell you precisely what you can expect from your subscription.

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