How to Get Verified on Facebook

  • Date: 01 March 2018
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Having your brand verified on Facebook is a great way to set up your online credibility. You may or may not be a local business, and can be verified on this social media platform. The authenticity of your brand can be verified through the gray and blue badges which will also help you find your business.

Facebook verification

Which Facebook Verification Badge Is Right for Your Business?

There are two verification badges on Facebook, the blue and the gray one. The blue verification badge is good for public figures, media companies, or large brands. The gray verification brand, on the other hand, is applicable for small or local businesses or organizations.

Must Do to Make Sure That Your Business Gets Verified?

1.Keep your page professional.

Your account on Facebook should be an official representation of your brand. Make sure you are sharing brand content on your page. Therefore, do not put content that affects your brand negatively. This may include off-fire logos, personal content or posts, or low-quality images; content with incorrect grammar, spelling, capitalizations, or other unprofessional looking copy. Finally, do not add anything that does not fit your brand's voice. Try to look at your page from an audience perspective and remove anything that is not professional.

2. Be sure that your company information is up to date.

Information about your company should be up to date. You need this to get verified: your website, email address, description, bio.

3. Link your Facebook page to official properties online.

Be sure to have an up-to-date link to your official website. You also have to link your website to your Facebook page.

4. Share details

The more information you share your business is the better for your customers. Fill the business details of your brand on the "About" section like: address or addresses (if you have multiple locations), phone numbers, your mission statement, your other social channel handles, and a company overview.

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How to Apply for a Verified Badge?

After filling out information about your business, you can apply for verification.

According to Hootsuite's Dara Fotein, this is how it should be done:

You will have the option for an instant or more detailed verification process. The instant verification process option gives you the choice to have Facebook. A verification code will then be given to you which you will enter Facebook. After entering the code, Facebook will award you with the appropriate verified checkmark.

If you intend to choose the more detailed option, click on Verify this Page with documents instead. Once you are prompted, upload a picture of the official document that shows your business's name and address. For example, an internet bill will work here.

Once you have received your validation (verification code or business document), you can check and confirm or deny your request. This process may take anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days.

Help your business grow and gain credibility online. Have your brand verified on Facebook.

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