Instagram, Most Important Part of Business Marketing Strategy

  • Date: 30 October 2019
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  • Blogger: Sarah Kahlon

Are you running an eCommerce empire? Or a brick and mortar business? Or maybe you are a solo business trying to make money from your hobby work? 

There’s a huge audience waiting for you on Instagram!

Businesses from around the globe are using Instagram to boost their bottom line. This platform welcomes all businesses and isn’t reserved for any particular brand. 

Most of you must think of Facebook or Twitter is the preferred platforms for connecting with your fans and engaging customers for the brand. You are highly mistaken!

Instagram has one of the most engaged and active audience. For this reason, it has become the perfect platform to connect with the audience, listen to their feedback and you can build relations by sparking a conversation with them. 

Instagram is a very important part of your marketing plan. If you are still doubtful, here are the reasons to convince you of its importance in your business:

Great Platform For Stories

Who doesn’t like stories? Whether childhood fairytales, sci-fi fantasies, engrossing twists of celebrity’s life events, or drawing towards people recounting dramatic stuff, everybody likes to hear. It’s in human blood. The telling story enables you to connect with your audience at an emotional level, which can be beneficial to you from business a perspective. 

Ever thought about using Instagram Stories for business? Now is a perfect time! 

They are great for building brand awareness, growing engagement, driving traffic to your website and making eCommerce sales. You can use the clips about your business on Instagram showing the people and efforts behind your brand. 

Reach Out To A Lot Of People


With more than hundreds of millions of active users, Instagram has caught the attention of growing small and large businesses. It makes it easier to search for new people, new photographs and new businesses. 

One such way of getting your content get out there in front of the target audience is through hashtags. 

Ensure using appropriate hashtags that your potential audiences are actually searching for. Instagram also provides a ‘Discover’ tab, helping users to find photos and connect with people relevant to them. Moreover, if you are willing to invest some time and have a separate budget, you can create ads to reach out to even more prospective customers. 

Visual Content Is Great For Marketing

People crave short, sharp bits of content that they can consume in a heartbeat without much thinking. Visual content produces much higher engagement and is more likely to get shared on social media than any other type of content. Instagram is the hub of visual content which is used to deliver a complex message all within a few seconds and keep your followers coming back for more. 

Instagram gives you the ultimate opportunity to show off your brand, products and influence purchasing decisions. 

Give your target audience the first peek at a new product and provide an easy-to-type link allowing them to first to buy. You can increase your follower base by running photo contests and marketing campaigns. Try to stick to a particular Instagram aesthetic to ensure your feed strengthen your brand identity. 

Hub For Useful Insights And Feedback

To truly understand the pros and cons of your product, you need to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes. You need to understand what they think and experience, right from the moment they came across your product to making the purchase. The more you know about the opinion and viewpoint of your customers, and address their issues, the better. 

People will talk about your brand or products on Instagram like they talk on other social media channels regardless of their online presence. They are posting videos, pictures, adding comments about your product all over Instagram.  

You simply can’t and basically, you should not ignore their feedback. It will help you know how people perceive your brand, improve the quality of your product and increase customer satisfaction. 

Connect With Other Marketing Channels

social media marketing

Instagram not only connect people and brand but also other channels as well. The content you create on Instagram can be easily shared across different marketing channels. 

You can enable social sharing to Facebook and Twitter within settings on your Instagram Account, to automatically share your posts when you publish content on Instagram. If you don’t want to share your content right away, just save your photo on your phone’s Camera Roll and access them easily whenever you are ready to post. 

Content used on Instagram can be used for your email marketing campaigns such as newsletters. Instagram allows you to connect with your potential customers in a whole lot of ways to increase your brand awareness, generate sales and increase traffic to your site. 

Chance To Engage With Your Followers

Instagram beats Facebook and Twitter when it comes to the highest engagement rate on social media channels by a great margin. The audience on Instagram is more open to brand-related content than they are on any other social media platform. 

Generate engagement by following people talking about your brand or your products and comment on their photo posts and videos. Start conversations by using your own hashtags and encourage your followers to join in. This will also help you fetch more followers. You can also get Instagram followers from authentic platform to make a great impact on your brand

Publishing a new post is not enough, you actually to connect with your followers. Create long captions, or create stores having stickers, poll questions or optimize your story post to involve the audience. A successful photo contest on Instagram is the best way to increase engagement. 


Undeniably, Instagram has gained the popularity of being one of the most important social media channels for any business. Whether you manage a small business, social media of a big enterprise or using it for promotion of your own personal brand, Instagram must on your top list of a marketing strategy plan. 

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