Steps to Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Date: 07 Jan 2020
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  • Blogger: Jolene Rutherford

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Although the digital race has long ago started knocking on the doors of the business world, you might be surprised by the process’s implementation slowness of a great portion of the business world. It is not that companies are refusing to invest in their online development and new marketing campaigns - they have the desire but lack a firm strategy which is why they get lost along the way.

This results in stagnation or at least a slower pace in terms of growing their customer base but it can also lead to unnecessary expenses which are often the result of a poorly implemented strategy. So, here are a few tips to help you accelerate the implementation of your digital marketing strategy and get the most optimal results without wasting your budget.


Know your customers

If you wish to come up with a marketing strategy that is perfectly tailored to your customers, you first need to get to know them. You can, of course, tweak a thing or two along the way but it is always best to set things on the right course from the start because this is how you save time and financial resources.

Luckily, there are several methods and tools you can use to achieve this, the simplest one being their feedback. In this manner, you will learn useful pieces of information regarding your business so that you can change your digital marketing strategy’s elements for the better. Also, don’t hide from negative reviews but instead respond to them because by showing you appreciate their opinions and taking time to resolve an issue, you can turn them into returning customers.

Manage your budget in advance

Once you are clear regarding what your customers would find appealing and consequently what your goals are, it is time you set your budget straight, to avoid any off-course wandering. Before you reach the final decision, you also need to take your business industry’s trends into account because knowing the strategies your competition uses will provide you with a clearer image of where your investments should be focused.

Since the business world is going digital, it makes sense to allocate a larger portion of your marketing budget to digital marketing, as opposed to the traditional marketing strategies. You can also consult a more experienced entrepreneur to help you establish an amount. After that step, you need to assess how to divide that overall digital marketing budget to different areas, namely social media and content marketing, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Develop every aspect of your online presence

If the competition in your business industry is strong, your marketing efforts might need an additional push or two. What you can do, especially in the early stages of setting up your business and your website, is to pay close attention to your domain and top-level domain (TLD) name.

There is a common misconception that .com is your only choice of TLD but that is far from true. By joining your brand name with an alternative TLD, such as, for instance, .me, you will get that uniqueness which makes the brand name memorable. A personalized domain name together with a carefully concocted marketing strategy will help you create a strong personal brand people would need but seconds to find online. Another element you should consider in terms of building a reputation for your brand is blogging because, besides useful information, it provides your (prospective) customers more details about your brand’s identity.

Insist on the content’s quality

Although word-of-mouth marketing still has an effect on attracting new customers, a large percentage of customers come into contact with your online content before they decide to purchase your product or develop an interest in your services. This means that the content you present across your website, social media profiles, and your blog posts play a significant role in their decision-making process.

The content needs to contain bite-size pieces of information so that people would actually take the time to read what you wrote. In addition to that, your manner of expression needs to be consistent via all channels so that you don’t have Facebook posts tailored to teenagers, while your website is more interesting to those who are retired. Another thing to consider is the content’s format since written posts are not the only engaging option. For instance, videos are particularly effective and applicable throughout different stages of your marketing strategy’s implementation.

Wrapping up

A successful digital marketing campaign demands a holistic approach to its elements. You need to take into consideration your customers to create quality content that would hit the target. Besides the quality, your customers’ behavior will also decide upon the content formats you would use. As for your digital marketing budget, it will depend to a large extent from the goals you set which are also related to your customers.

As you can conclude, all of these elements are closely connected to the structure of your digital marketing strategy. You might also need to work on some other details, such as your domain name, to make your brand even more appealing. But one thing is certain - when prepared adequately, a digital marketing campaign can be implemented efficiently and result in a long-term expansion of your business.

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