The Importance Of Social Networks For Successful Businesses

  • Date: 02 February 2020
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The most successful businesses are in the midst of online. And in this way, social networks play an important role. So if you are starting now, You need to develop yourself to handle any situation. There are certain courses such as administrative courses, customer service skills, and maintenance courses that help you to develop your business.

The importance of social networks for business


If you have a physical business and want to make it digital or even if you already have an online business, know that betting on social networks is the right way for you to be successful and manage to increase your results - of course, if used from the right way.

In Brazil alone, for example, more than 100 million people are connected on social networks, according to information from G1. This means a large audience that can be reached, which highlights the importance of social networks for business and marketing strategies.

And the importance of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, are several, but today I will address the 3 points that I consider most important for you to use them in your business.

3 reasons to bet on social media

Generally, those who have their own business know the importance of social networks, but many do not know why exactly to invest in them. For this, I have separated 3 very simple reasons why I consider it important to insert social networks into your business strategies.


Working with social networks is a way to get closer and reach more customers, since there is a large number of people who are connected through them, consuming different types of content.

That is why you should not only be concerned with the type and quality of the content posted, but also with the frequency. This way you will be able to reach a large audience, which will be impacted several times by your brand, which makes all the difference.

Also, social networks are an opportunity to get to know your target audience even more, who they are, what they like, how they communicate, among other details that can make all the difference to their strategies, disclosures, products, communication, customer service skills.  Anyway, for your entire business.

Also, take advantage of this space to create closer connections with your potential customers, providing differentiated and quality customer service training, seeking to stand out from your competitors.



Another very simple reason to invest in social networks is regarding the visibility that your business can have if your strategies are well thought out and executed.

On social networks you can reach people in an organic way, that is, without spending anything for it and also in a paid way, through advertisements and promotions that will make your content even more visible, impacting more and more users.

With this, you will be able to reach and attract more customers than you would if you had only one physical store. That is why social networks are used both for those who have an online business and for those who work with physical stores, as a way to attract more customers and achieve greater and greater results.

An important point, if you work with ads, is to know how to personalize and define your audience well. This way, you will be able to reach people who are more likely to be interested in what you sell and buy your products.


Finally, the third and last of these 3 simple reasons - remembering that there is much more - is related to sales, which consequently will be the result of a great reach and visibility in your business. 

After all, if you are reaching more customers and gaining the attention of an audience that is interested in what you say and sell, the consequence is that your sales will also increase.

That is why knowing your audience well, investing in reach and visibility through social networks, offering fast and quality service, the path has no way to be other than the success of your business.

Now that you know the importance of social networking for business, start thinking and executing marketing strategies as soon as possible that will help you be even more successful investing in the online environment.

How to use social networks to have a successful business

woman with glasses

Before you go around doing accounts on all possible social networks, know that you need to be calm and do a lot of research. And the reason is simple: you do not need and, in my view, nor should you be on all social networks. First, because you will waste a lot of time and probably will not be able to cope. Second, because it may not make sense for your business.

Therefore, the first step in defining which social networks should be used in your business is to seek to understand your market niche and to know your target audience to know where they are informed and connected. That done, you will know the best ways to achieve it, whether through Instagram, Facebook or other social networks.

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