Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

  • Date: 12 November 2018
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  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

Instagram rely on a sorting algorithm that prioritize what is and is not displayed to users. The algorithm displays content that Instagram's machine learning system expects to receive the highest commitment. Content that was predicted to do poorly was not shown or not placed conspicuously.

Instagram marketers rely on ' likes ' in measuring brand reach, and customer engagement; which makes them a critical component of a brand's success. Organic amplification can help get more 'likes' and through the following strategies:

1. Increase Content Reach Organically.

Develop content that reaches more people. A new technology the help brands acquire more 'likes' is called ViralRace. What it does is push content to real Instagrammers who are predisposed to content similar to what you have. This process helps users generate more real 'likes'.

2. Work With Freelancers to Develop Stunning Content.

Collaborate with freelance photographers, graphic artists, and videographers to create stunning content . If you want to get in touch with your audience, put your eyes on it, put it stunning content that will make them stop and press the 'like' button once they see your posts.

3. Use a Third-party Tool to Analyze Performance.

Invest in a third-party Instagram analytics platform which can help in analyzing engagement patterns. With these tools, you will be able to see the children of content that reverberates with the target audience.

4. Work with an Instagram Influencer.

Influencers can add respect to content, which other Instagram users might have overlooked. Users are more likely to engage with content that was developed or disseminated by well-respected influencers. Ninety-five percent of marketers who have an influencer strategy considered the act effective.

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5. Try-out Different Content Mediums.

Experiment with different content formats like sharing photos, videos, live videos to Instagram stories and find out what best resonates with your target market. With the use of good analytics platform and trying out different formats, you will be able to realize content that earn more likes.

6. Have an Instagram Contest.

Contests excite Instagram followers and help marketers reach new ones. Thrills for these kinds of activity may have fallen out for Twitter and Facebook, but they are still much alive on Instagram.

7. Understand Your Target Audience Better.

A mastery of the keywords and needs of your target audience is the key to anticipating the interests of your Instagram followers. Develop marketing personas to effectively address the interests of a target audience. These campaigns by marketing personas should be enjoyed by the target.

8. Spool Compelling Captions.

A good visual content is important for brands on Instagram. A well-spooled caption here can attract more audience and motivate them to engage with the content. One example is content posted by National Geographic which received over a million likes:

polar bear

Include and publish user-generated content (or UGC).

These are content from customers. This type of content is proof that customers engage with the brand. Certain brands like BMW provide an incentive for creating and sharing content on the platform, with hopes that these will be amplified by the brand.

9. Re-share Content That Performs Well.

Re-sharing successful content has been suggested. This is one way to engage existing followers and attracting new ones. However, it is also important to have a fresh editorial calendar for success on Instagram.

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