10 Mistakes to avoid: Facebook Paid Ads

  • Date: 6 Jan 2020
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  • Blogger: Anshul Sharma

Facebook paid ads are not just based on pushing buttons and getting sales. Yes, make an effective strategy you need to promote the publications, but when it comes to moving to the next successful level, it requires more investment or time and attention.

Well, there are several elements that you need to take into consideration to avoid mistakes in the first step. Facebook is the biggest social network platform out there, and according to the latest research compiled by Hubspot, the revenue growth of the Facebook ad was just $ 2 billion in 2010 that has raised to $ 12.5 billion this year.

However, if you want the right results what you need is to know about the right tricks to run a successful Facebook paid ads campaign. Because when you competently use Facebook's targeting features and create the right campaign for your ad, you can easily boost your sales. Fortunately, in this write up we will help you make your Facebook advertising trip simpler yet cost-effective at the same time. The below mentioned are some of the widespread yet critical mistakes that beginners usually make while creating a Facebook ad campaign.

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Using the wrong Facebook ad format

Using the wrong format or the ad may hamper your business overall sales. This mistake usually happens for two reasons: when you are new to Facebook ads and don't have any idea on how to choose the right advertising format for your particular campaign, or you are running the same ad format from a very long time and haven The stopped to examine whether you are using the right formats. Every time Facebook rolls out some new advertising formats and to make your marketing strategy the right one. It is good to read the guidelines and updates or the platform carefully. Choose the ad campaign that best suits your viewers and goals .

Low cost ads

This is the thing that plays an important role in boosting your business revenues. Well everyone is not willing to spend a huge amount on Facebook ads, but saving money is not always worth it, especially when you want to attain a big audience. Use a good Social media marketing budget to promote a targeted campaign for a few days until you attain your goal.

Ads duration

The duration of the ad also plays a key role in boosting the overall sales of a company. According to the latest reports by SocialBakers , it is recommended to boost sales in a short time set, a large budget for short time, and don't focus on something large, that lasts several days. Try something unique, with a high financial plan and watch the performance. Keep in mind: You can start a new campaign at any time without wasting much time or money.

Not Testing the Variables independently

Every business owner knows these days what is important for the audience and what's not. In order to get insights about the same, examine different versions or your ad and observe each variable clearly. Effective testing helps you to know what changes to the are the most variation. Without separating the ad variables, you'll get assorted results. And you will not figure out which things are crucial in the campaign, and which factor worked against.

Adding image rules

As we know in today's world the thing that grabs the attention of users is most successful. So consider not just the size of your image but as well as the quality of the image . You might have seen various ads that are using very poor quality images or images that are unrelated to the product being advertised. So to add value to your ad campaign use images that will be valid for the success of your campaign or your client's business.

Confusing the audience

Adding flashy content to your ads can catch the interest of the user to click on the Advertisement, but it also somewhere violates the policy for Facebook advertisers. Use genuine strategies and rules in Facebook Advertising and do not fool your audiences.

Targeting a broader audience

Remember those targeting features I mentioned earlier? While setting the Facebook ad campaign don't forget to use the right set of target features appropriately. Setting the right features can help you understand the difference between an ad that hits the spectator's members who are prepared to respond completely, and boost your brand image by displaying your messages to Facebook users. In addition to this, try adding some new criteria to boost your accuracy.

Adding extra text in your ads

If you have a team then you must design a custom image featuring a user testimonial for your ads campaign to make it look great. But according to

Facebook rules and guidelines save time by adding only relevant text on the image.

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Do not try to reach everybody

When you start to state the criterion to endorse your campaign, Facebook tells you how much audience you will reach. Be certain to avoid a large audience or too narrow targets, always think about your budget and the amount of audience you really want to reach with your particular ad campaign.

Saturating your audience with the same stuff

Lastly, even though you're certainly thrilled to get started with Facebook ads, keep in mind that it's possible to annoy your audience with too many text messages. Most of the social media apps users browse Facebook as a social practice; for relaxation. They are not landed on the page to check ads see ads, and if they start seeing the ad many times, they will get annoyed. To avoid such a mistake narrow down your targeting criteria or simply pause your campaigns for some time and come back only when you have something truly important to your audience.


In simpler words, we can conclude that Facebook advertising can seem like a tough task, but if you set up the fundamentals properly, and learn from people around you, you will get results from it quicker than you know. In this write up we have gathered some of the best tips to avoid the major mistakes the newbie makes generally. Everyone has been a learner at some point in time but that doesn't mean we have a million times to reach our target. With a little planning, you will be able to avoid the mistakes mentioned above in this section. When it comes to using the right Facebook ad strategy, remember that balance is the key to achieving success in your business.

By taking the time to fix your Facebook page correctly you will keep your followers contented and you will beat most of your competitors. Once you see a good response from your audience on your ad campaign, you will realize that your time is well spent.

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