10 Quick Social Media Tips

  • Date: 28 July 2017
  • reading time: 4 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo
  1. It takes time:
    It can take a long time to build up your presence on social media. Be prepared to spend time in creating a social media strategy so that you do not have to think about what to put on your social media channels every day. You can then focus on other matters;

  2. Be a real person:
    A good idea is to make your company human. Link a name to your brand and give it a sense of intimacy without automating the process;

  3. Build an audience first:
    First build community and then promote your company through unique Facebook Tabs or Twitter;

  4. Use social media tools:
    Use tools such as Hootsuite to manage your social media channels and search for all relevant topics related to your business and enter into the conversation;

  5. Do not forget YouTube and Blogs:
    YouTube and blogs are important to your brand in Google search results. You can reach your target audience who do not use Twitter or Facebook;

  6. Create social content:
    Social media is not always about selling. Create good social media content to expand your reach;

  7. Stop selling, start communicating:
    Stop most of your time and stop energy in selling products or services on social media. Go talk to your community instead;

  8. Consider giveaways and promotions:
    Use giveaways and promotions to grow your followers on Facebook and get more Likes, but tell your community why you're doing the promotion (for example, to get more Likes, to get a particular picture spread as much as possible, and so on);

  9. Sponsor events:
    Find unique local or business-related events to sponsor like a Tweet-up (an event where Twitter users meet each other in person) or a local social media group to reach a community already connected to your business and more inclined is your company more to promote;

  10. Promote your social media channels:
    Place your social media channels anywhere: on your website, the checkout page of your shopping cart, in all e-mail marketing messages and business ads or cards.

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