Advice On How You Can Get Executives Invest More On Social Media

  • Date: 27 April 2018
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  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

Securing Executive Support for Your Social Media Strategy

Think about the challenges that your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) faces when they have to answer to the CEO. Try to make use of them at your level and be accountable for them. Have a good knowledge of the profit and loss statement and what role it plays in your world as a social media manager. A good social media team will also have their CMO know that their goals are up to market goals and later to business goals. Show them the impact of social media on sales, how to buy and buy. CMOs today care about moving their businesses from cost centers to revenue centers.

Clock and money

Include These Five Things in Your Strategy: Revenue, Cost, Efficiency, Differentiation, and Customer Satisfaction

Explain to your CMO how your social media strategy supports and fits into a broader marketing strategy. Have a set budget, resources and the people you need to come up with the right results. Also, know the child or content that is being talked about and engaged in, in each channels within your industry.

Show the Power of Social Media to Your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Have a simple listening stream for your CMO to see daily. Include in the stream topic on: Minds of your brand, its products, customers, other industry executives, and competitors.

Repeated negative mentions of the competition could be a weakness that you can exploit for your advantage.

Email Your Cmo a Quick Social Media Highlight Package Once a Week

Send regular email updates to your CMO with social insights, especially if they do not log into your listening stream. Limit the update from three to five points and send it every week.

Point one should include industry news, then a report on brand metrics and finally, with flags of you organization or industry. Red flags could include crisis in the industry. Have a clear explanation on what the impact of these events could have on your brand. Also, create a system of informing your CMO on things that they need to know. Emails could have a subject like 'open this right away, it's very important and we need to respond to it fast'

sales and marketing

Social Metrics Are Fine, but They Need to Pass the 'So What' Test

Look for patterns, form hypothesis and see how they are related with quantitative data. Example would be: 'Customers that follow us on Facebook are more likely to have higher order value when they purchase from your store.' After, run an analysis of your data. See if your hypothesis proves to be true to your CMO care about the interactions you have on that social media platform. You have to prove that the numbers in your metrics have a positive impact on your business. If you have likes, what does this mean for your business? A million impressions, what does this mean? What are the benefits from these metrics.

Do Not Hide the Risks-highlight Them

Look at the potential risks of social media to the business. Show your CMO the benefits and do not forget to itemize the downsides and plan on how to mitigate these risks. Have remedies for things that do not go as planned and be sure that you get things done as promised.

Not Every Trend Is Worth Following

Figure out where your customers are and focus your efforts on that channel. Use existing data in deciding where to focus your efforts. Focus on a few things and do them well, instead of spreading your efforts in a mediocre manner.

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