Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing on Instagram

  • Date: 14 November 2021
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  • Blogger: Nadya Morison

A typical schoolteacher mode is ON! You will learn what you should and should NOT do from now on! Just joking! You will get some friendly tips about Dos and Don’ts for Marketing on Instagram. Jumping into the main topic it is vital to know who you are, what your brand is, and what you set out. If you cannot answer these questions yet, skip this post and ponder over them.  

Do’s of Instagram marketing

A well–planned account is always booming! 

Having a business account on Instagram may assume you have a specific product to offer, therefore build your strategy according to your product and hone in on it.  

Identify who your customer is, the person you believe is going to benefit from your content, and your offerings the most. Create strategic content, which should speak directly to that person, offer value and solution to that particular person’s problem. 

Small things have crucial importance 

When someone visits your page the first thing he would face is your bio. It should be punchy and express the whole idea of your offers in a nutshell. Think twice before writing one. 

Pictures and descriptions are one body 

When we imagine the Instagram feed from head to foot, the first associations are images and captions. Hence, particular attention should be paid to the image quality. It is like a served dish - if you like the look you would definitely want to try. 

The content is “taste of the dish” 

Always pay attention to the first sentence of the content, if the first “bite” is bland,t who would like to continue “eating”? That is why the opening sentence must be catchy and captivating. However, it doesn’t mean that the rest of your text could be dead. 

Make it emotionally grabbing, share value, fun, joy, educate people or entertain, don’t expect them to read your mind. The content may call to actions such as website clicks, post shares, DMs, swipe–ups, direct messages, clicks on text or direction buttons, etc. Harness your Instagram account to get people off of the platform and get them to follow you in other places. 

Use relevant hashtags to raise the post’s visibility.  

Use medium-sized or even a bit longer text. According to Instagram logic, as long you keep the user on Instagram as generous it would be towards you, showing your content more frequently, because you are doing the app a favor, aren’t you? 

Whatever you do, keep the consistency! 

It may sound philosophical but consistency thoroughly relates to Instagram as well. Don’t let your customers miss you or on top of it forget you. Also keep in mind, consistency across all your social media channels is crucial as well. Keep the schedule, figure out the most fruitful days, and post your amazing content! 

Turn your “enemies” into your friends and follow similar pages of yours, carefully observe their strategies, inherit the good values, find the possible gaps, and do not repeat them on your page. Other than that, show genuine interest in others’ posts, don’t dish out likes or comments here and there but the stuff which is relevant or interesting to you. 

Making new followers shouldn’t mean losing old ones. Interact with them and provide material coherent to their interest.  

Posting something, when no one is awake from your potential audience makes Instagram think your post is dull because nobody likes it from the first hours after posting. Using this “wonderful” logic Instagram hides the post from the other followers as well. 

Don’t mix your personal and business life in one account. 

It doesn’t mean you cannot post a picture of yourself, but don’t do it frequently and create a super mess on your page. 

Don’t be too addicted to hashtags. 

Too many hashtags will give you a desperate look, select them wisely. If you aim to see your post in the top ten, avoid using wrong or trendy hashtags. You may think it is insane, but nope, highly popular hash-tags are not useful as you compete with influencers who already have tons of followers, and your post will be buried under a lot of other stuff. Avoid using too popular and too unpopular hash-tags and you will find your unique place.

Don’t ignore your followers. 

Imagine you all are around a table, someone comments that the dish you cooked is delicious. It is less likely you turn your back on that person. The polite behavior could be at least to respond in some way. Typically the same process happens on Instagram, keep your eyes on the comments and DMs. They are a pathway to open up more conversation and at least purchase! 

If you follow the tips and succeed, we have a perfect occasion to celebrate!

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