Essential Skills You Need for a Social Media Manager Job

  • Date: 21 May 2019
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  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

Technology has greatly changed the job of today in the job market. Jobs that we never expected to become common in the past have come alive in this century. Today, jobs like SEO specialist, app developers, and wall scouters now exist. One job that is very much in demand today is the social media manager post.

But what does a social media manager do and what are the skills? According to, a social media manager is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies for businesses' social media sites.

The tasks that are included in this role include: blogging, creating social media profiles, managing regular posts and responding to followers. They also create marketing strategies that can generate inbound leads, gain followers, and create a positive image for the company. They should also be responsible for evaluating their marketing efforts and tweaking their strategies.

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To become a successful social media manager, the things listed below are very much needed.

Technical Skills

SEO knowledge

SEO is very important and has a great impact on any social media strategy. A good social media manager should know how to optimize SEO and align it with a company's overall social media plan or strategy. SEO and social media have the capability of building and communicating with customers and audience. With this two working together, a social media manager should be able to promote content and be the gatekeeper to this information shared online. Forbes suggests that social media managers should ask these questions about their approach to SEO.

Social media ability

Social media skills are necessary for a social media manager. He or she should know what content works on different social media platforms, how to optimize content and understand the differences and tinges of each platform. They should also know how to engage their audience through posts and interactions. A social media manager should know how to bring a brand's presence online to the next level.

Customer service specialist

Social media is a good customer service tool. That is why it is necessary for social media to be able to handle customer service on social media. He or she should know how to communicate with customers and audience. Everything that you say or do on social media is a representation of your brand - good or bad. A good social media manager should address and not ignore reactions from those who engage with your content online.

Social media management tools masters

A good social media manager should have a good knowledge and comprehensive understanding of social media management tools and should be a direct marketing strategy. He or she should have training on Hootsuite Academy on how to best use preferred social media management tools. They could then apply their knowledge to content marketing strategy.

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Copywriting skills

Copywriting skills are key to the success of content on social media. Conveying ideas in a clear and precise manner could mean the success or failure of a business. If the audience and customers understand the messages that are social media managers, they would easily be promoted. On social media, remember that 99% of the communication between you and your customers will be in writing. Therefore, a social media manager should know how to spool content well.

Visual Intelligence

Even if written content is very important in social media, visual imagery is equally significant. Good images may be shared several times, therefore, it is good to have someone who knows what images work and what do not. A good knowledge of design, which is necessary for creating visually appealing graphics, is very valuable in the social media landscape. A capacity to know what videos are good for content is also precious.

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