How Social Media Is Changing Customer Service

  • Date: 19 October 2020
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  • Blogger: Rakshit Hirapara

Do you know approximately 50% of the global population is using one or the other social media channels?

People are actively using social media more than ever before. They are exploring the features and functionality of the social channels in multiple ways. The increased use of social networks forced businesses to use the media to serve better services to customers.

A journey of a customer experience initiates by reaching to your phone and laptop. Research involves social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, google searches, websites, and phone calls. Customers have many opportunities to express their reactions about a brand, product, or service.

Social Media plays a vital role in customer experience management. Businesses use social media for two significant benefits; primary selling and marketing and understanding customers' problems. However, the recent trends and shifts in the social media network usage transform the customer services too. The social channels are offering multiple ways to serve customers smartly. Simultaneously, customers are taking advantage of social channels to acquire higher quality products and services.

Now, let's understand how Social media has become a game-changer for customer experience.

Social media raises customer expectations

The improved visibility and quick connection establishment drastically raised customer expectations. Customers are also demanding superior quality services upfront because they know how other businesses can serve them favorably. Also, they demand a quick response from the companies. Briefly, social media has provided a platform where customers can compare products / services and find the best one. And that's the reason they expect high-quality services all the time.

Here are some of the customer expectations (elevated through social media);

Make interactions easy & quick

Social media leverage customer communication as a hassle-free process. Businesses can easily promote their brand and attract customers. Likewise, they can easily boost customer services through a social media network. The quick response to customers' comments will make them feel appreciable.

Here are some ways that indicate simple, speedy customers interactions' via social media;

Presence on multiple social media platforms






Your audience will likely use different channels to interact with your business. So, do not rely on a single social media network. Based on your business's nature, use multiple social channels so that you can create a compelling customer experience for your audience. Furthermore, take advantage of the functionality of the networks and offer improved customer services. The presence on various social media networks allows businesses to speed up communication. Based on your business's nature, maintain an online presence on more than one social network to deliver improved customer services.

Build and manage customer relationships

Digital channels help businesses to establish strong relationships with the customers. They can easily connect with the customers and sustain the relationship in the long run. From making the target customers aware of a product or service to offering them a special discount, social media plays a pivotal role. Also, it helps to deliver personalized services to customers in a unique, admiring way. The more you satisfy your customers, the more they will appreciate your services. Hence, it is suggested that businesses should take the influence of social media in improving customer services.

Outside of the box approach

Social media is an incredible medium for announcements. One of the most popular ways social media makes moves for their consumers is through content creation (with various types). Content creation signifies a corporation regarding their standard field of expertise and endeavoring to enrich learners like their consumers. It allows corporations to expose the creativity and boost engagement with the audience. Many companies take to writing blogs about topics on the rim of their niche. The out of the box approach will enable them to reach out to larger audiences while still staying in the range of interest for their target market.

The next move of social media

The social media world is periodically evolving, with fast-paced innovation and updates. The giant social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others regularly update their apps for the improved UX. The features, user preferences, and other elements are continually exchanging on social media networks. Businesses today need to reconsider not only what's happening now, but what's likely to occur in the upcoming future. Some of the expected social media trends include more security and privacy, social media as a search engine, and many more. Consequently, businesses need to approach the innovative changes for the networks to serve their customers better.

Additionally, the use of social media for customer services varies from business to business. It depends on the priorities of customers' requirements. Also, the types of industries and nature of business drastically influence the customer services through social media. For instance, the call center industry can leverage omnichannel marketing, including social media networks, for unquestionable customer assistance.

Further, social intelligence has been considered a tremendous tool to uncover customer insights and recognize significant segments that can lead up the customer base. Artificial Intelligence on social platforms allows companies to understand customers' needs. The AI ​​offers insightful data about customers' behavior, purchase habits, and preferences. Hence, they can offer personalized services to their customers effectively.

Customers' experience for a particular brand is based on the constant stream of useful content, advertisements, and sales messages. Nonetheless, the two-way communication between customers and a company through social media could take customer service to the next level. Undoubtedly, social media is changing the ways businesses offer services to their potential customers.

Even though executing world-class social media support can be challenging, you can embrace a great chance of expanding a loyal and returning customer who will be your brand ambassador in the future.

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