How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Sales Funnel

Many businesses spend time building comprehensive marketing channels with the aim of attracting prospects and getting them to join those sales funnels.

With a video content strategy, you can easily attract and lead customers to follow your sales funnel. Let video marketing support sales funnels at various stages of the customer life cycle.

Video content is the most popular content for internet users around the world. Therefore, many marketers use video content as a support for their sales funnel strategy to attract prospects.

66% of marketers use video to increase or maintain spending, while 79% of marketers who don't use video plan to use video by 2022. In other words, more brands are turning to video to share the value of their solutions and grow.


So, we've put together this section covering the best types of videos to use at each stage of your client journey and some tips to make your videos look more engaging and persuasive.

A. Awareness Stage

The first stage is awareness. At this stage, the potential customers learn about your brand for the first time. That’s why the promotions need to focus on brand awareness.

The best strategy is to use video marketing to introduce your brand to a new audience and bring out the best of your brand.

1. How-To Videos

Most people subconsciously look for products that can provide solutions to meet their daily needs and problems.

Video tutorials can be used to teach your audience or customers new things that can build the basic knowledge they need to understand your business and the solutions your product or brand provides. Video tutorials are proven to work effectively in spreading brand awareness.

Usually, tutorials or instructions in the form of text are not enough to explain to consumers the exact and complex steps of your product. Therefore, we need instructions or tutorials in the form of videos to help customers understand each step of the tutorial for your product.

2. Whiteboard Videos

The next video marketing strategy is an animated whiteboard video. This type of video is quite popular with its animated design which is hand-drawn on a whiteboard background and aims to explain or develop a message or story.

This whiteboard video strategy makes it easier for the audience to understand the idea or story about your product so that the audience can be interested and aware of your business product.

B. Interest Stage

Next, potential customers get into the interest stage. The strategy you need is to give information and explain what your brand is all about.

In this stage, potential customers tend to conduct research to compare product specifications displayed on your website. They will determine whether your product can be a solution to their needs.

3. Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a video marketing strategy that displays an animation that explains the product or service in your business in a simple, entertaining, and easy-to-understand way.

It relies on engaging, colorful visuals in lines, shapes, images, and characters to make your message more fun and easier to consume.

This strategy works effectively in providing information to give more insight about your product and how the product can be the solution to the audiences’ problems.

4. Product Demo Videos

The next marketing strategy is a demo video that shows how a service or product will work. You can unbox a product and try it out.

Through video demos, you can emphasize the value of your brand or product compared to your business competitors that way you will easily attract the attention of customers.

This is a marketing strategy in the middle stages of the sales funnel that has proven to work effectively in increasing customer interest.

C. Decision Stage

At this decision stage, the best strategy you can do is to use video to close the sale. It is when the customer has decided which product to buy online, or they communicate with your sales team to then complete the purchase or transact.

They may also try to negotiate a price or take advantage of a promotional offer you provide.

5. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos help you gain audience trust through other customers' direct experiences with your products. This can give them more insight into your product which can help them solve similar problems.

You can give your potential audience an example of what others are saying about your brand. Once your audiences put trust in your product, they will be more likely to make a purchase and share it with their relatives.

So, It has proven to be an effective strategy to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

6. FAQ Videos

At this stage, when customers are already interested in your product, they tend to be curious to find out more about all the details related to your product. For example, information about its features, use maintenance, or security.

So the right strategy to answer all customer curiosity is to accommodate all customer questions and turn it into an FAQ video.

You can introduce the topic through specific but relevant questions, then bring together experts from your company or even outsiders to clarify every aspect related to your product.


Now that you've seen it, video content can be one of the most powerful tools to help you introduce a new concept, complex topic, or new process to your audience that needs to be explored in detail.

Video marketing funnels guide your target audience along the buyer journey using engaging videos. Thus, it is important to make your videos easily accessible so that your prospects can watch and enjoy your video content.

If you're not using video marketing now, you're going to be left behind. It's time for you to invest in your own video marketing channel.

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