How To Give Your Business A LinkedIn Makeover

  • Date: 02 March 2018
  • reading time: 4 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

LinkedIn is an online social media platform for professionals with half a billion users. It is a job seeking tool that has been developed into a rich media platform for businesses.

In this article, we will discuss how you can optimize your LinkedIn company page and improve your profile, authority and prospects for new hires.

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Share Your Story With Pictures

Update the image on your profile with ideal LinkedIn specifications or 300x300 pixels, in PNG format, maximum or 8 MB and with a square layout. Then, set the tone with your profile banner which appears above or on top of your company logo. Be creative with it, as much as possible but should maintain specifications or having 1536 x 768 pixels, in PNG format, max or 8 MB and with a rectangular layout.

Utilize The Use Of Keywords

Write, in 2,000 characters or less, a description about your company. It should tell something about who you are, what you offer, your values, brand voice, how people could contact you and how they could learn more about your business. Be sure to have a directed direction towards the business-minded audience.

Creatively Craft Showcase Pages

If you want to showcase your day to day activities on LinkedIn and provide a bird's eye view or your company create pages that would showcase these things. You may also have content about your company products, individual brands, charity efforts and sponsorships. You might also want to devote a page to company events like meet up, conferences and expos. Keep these pages updated with articles, slide presentations, videos, or any child or content that is important to your followers and has significant long-term value.

Share Sponsored Content. Showcase pages are underused, so use them to get ahead of competition. You can have 10 of these, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Put Up A Career Page

Putting up a LinkedIn Career Page can boost your recruitment efforts. Here you can showcase your company culture in the best possible way. You can highlight your day-to-day activities in your organization with high-quality images, videos and articles about working in your company. Include a URL link in every post to receive more engagement.

Have an employee perspective. This move shows that you value your current employee's perspectives and that future talents have a lot of room for recognition and opportunities.

The Career Page will also allow you to create a virtual "meet the team" section from employee profiles, gather and share staff testimonials, list causes that you can support and care about, promote diversity with a list of spoken languages, and finally, track recruitment analytics to improve the hiring process. Update your Career Page regularly or post whenever you can.

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Gather And Give Endorsements

Whenever possible, gather endorsements because these are the most powerful social proofs. They are beneficial for your business. Ask your employees to connect with your Company Profile and share your company. They will also be notified about work anniversaries, job opportunities and other updates about your business.

You might also want to ask your associates and customers to end your company. Ask them for a connection and recommendation, and offer them the same in return. Directly engage and interact with customers and followers. Try to win endorsements with your engagements with them, and the public interaction with them as a social proof.

Keep Tabs On The Competition

Check the best Company Pages that LinkedIn has chosen every year. Try to see how they have optimized the use of these pages for the benefit of their organization. It's best to see them, especially if they are your competition.

If you want to optimize your LinkedIn presence, make the task easier by using Hootsuite . With Hootsuite's single dashboard, you can manage your social media channel, gather real-time data, and engage with your target audience on all the networks.

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