How to Use Facebook Ads In Growing your Audience and Monetizing Your Email List

  • Date: 04 September 2018
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If you want to know more about how you can build your email service.

1. Devise a Lead Magnet That Will Appeal to Your Target Audience

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that can be ordered to gather lead information on your part. What you need to do is to set up a landing page on your website to feature an opt-in form that your target audience wants to fill in. This is where you will deliver content about your business through email.

call to action

Your lead depends on the type of business you are in and the industry you belong to. Discount coupons are some of the incentives that are used for e-commerce. They have the potential to deliver more value to your customers. If you are in the industry, educational lead magnets, would be useful. Other useful lead magnets include checklists, templates, quizzes, videos, ebooks and how-tos.

Lead Magnet


Quizzes are very interactive are good lead magnets. The main goal is to provide your target market by solving a problem or highlighting a pain point. If this goal is achieved, you are able to establish your credibility and authority, increase brand awareness and be recognized through news feeds.


2. Put Up a Facebook Lead Magnet Campaign

The first step of putting a Lead Magnet Campaign is to select an objective. Choose your conversions objective. Then, choose the conversion event you have installed on the confirmation page of the lead magnet. Make sure you install the correct conversion tracking on the confirmation page.

facebook bannerconversion

The next step is to set up targets. Target cold audiences. Cold audiences are potential customers who have not engaged with your business. Use saved detailed targeting audiences and look-alike audiences to target these audiences. Lookalike audiences are more effective because targeting them is more accurate.

The last step is to create the ad. The most effective Facebook ads these days are the video ads. Video ads can be used to preview the lead magnet. Add thought-provoking questions to the ad copy to build curiosity. Hook the reader and highlight the benefits of your lead magnet and, finally, close with a call-to-action line.


3. Remarket to Your New Email Subscribers to Increase Leads or Sales

If your campaign is successful in adding more people to your email list, start monetizing. Send your subscribers content and offers that would make them paying customers. Run Facebook ads with your email marketing and match your email list on Facebook. Create a customer list or website custom audience. Website custom audience is best to choose because you do not have to keep up with the list. Facebook regularly updates these. After, you can build a website for a custom audience or people who have completed a conversion event on your website.

steps in creating audience

customize audience


Have a remarketing campaign. Remarket to your new email subscribers with direct response ads about your products and services. From Facebook, drive your audience to your website for them to find out more information and to convert them to customers. Choose your campaign objective or getting conversions or people taking a particular action on your website. Finally, create product or service focused ads. This will showcase your products and remarket them. If your lead magnet campaign is a discount coupon for a purchase, your email subscribers will be reminded to use their discount code.

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