Instagram Walls and Their Importance in Social Media Marketing

  • Date: 29 August 2019
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The social media landscape is constantly evolving with new technological advancements, growing content consumption, and ever-changing consumer needs & demands.

Keeping these aspects in mind, it becomes essential to monitor and formulate your social media marketing strategy consisting of the latest trends that will drive maximum engagement & returns.

There are various social media platforms at your disposal and each one has its own benefits.

Instagram is one such social media platform that is beneficial for your business & your social media marketing strategy.

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Instagram is the most engaging and popular social media platform with around half a billion daily active users and a billion monthly active users.

It is a visually aesthetic platform that presents vast opportunities to both the consumers and the businesses. Instagram can cater to the diverse needs of consumers.

Instagram allows users to browse, share, engage, interact, connect, and shop through its creative, attractive, and valuable content. Therefore, it becomes important for your business to take advantage of the content for your benefits.

So, Instagram walls are the perfect choice for garnering and showcasing the highly interactive & engaging content to the audience. Instagram walls are the aggregation of valuable and useful content that serves our purpose from Instagram and displayed in a single feed.

The feed wall contains the content harnessed from Instagram using hashtags, keywords, profiles, and handles.

These walls are tremendously engaging & interactive and can be installed at events, public spaces, seminars, conferences, or even weddings to make the attendees and viewers feel more engaged, entertained, and gratified.

We have listed some benefits of Instagram walls that can boost your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram Walls & Social media marketing

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Social media marketing is all about promotions and selling through social platforms and Instagram is one of the best social platforms for marketing.

1. Bring UGC in your promotions

Social media marketing is known to be the best and most effective form of marketing at present. And user-generated content is the best available content that can be resourceful for marketing strategies.

Instagram has engaging visual user-generated content from a massive active audience and bringing it all together and displaying it to the audience in a single wall will help in attracting & driving engagement from the audience.

Having user-generated content will help in building an enhanced brand image with social proof. It also provides community building and brand loyalty and is free content for marketing.

2. Gather & display fresh content in real-time

In the social media world, the content needs to be fresh, unique, and striking for the consumers to engage and be inspired by it. Instagram walls gather fresh content from Instagram in real-time instantly.

Displaying that real-time content to the audience makes them engage with your campaign more as consumers seek the latest and trending content from social platforms.

And engagement is positively related to the conversions so maximum engagement will result in maximum conversions. It will deliver extensive returns on Investments.

3. Boost your reach, awareness, and followers

Instagram walls are heavily loaded with engaging user-generated visual content. And facts prove that visual user-generated content is shared more than the brand’s own promotional content.

Instagram walls will give you two-fold reach and exposure for your social media marketing strategy.

As displaying Instagram walls in an offline setting through events, weddings, and conferences will provide exposure to a real offline audience.

Whereas the content being shared on Instagram walls in real-time through these events will go on to Instagram and this will expand the reach on social media & exposure to a greater audience.

4. Drive engagement and interaction

Since the content displayed on Instagram walls is engaging and creative it will help in driving interaction and engagement from the audience as well.

Engagement and interaction are two key elements that decide the success of an event or even the social media marketing campaign.

You can organize contests, QnA’s, polls, discussions by creating your own custom hashtag and encourage the audience to share their reviews, opinions, feedback, and experiences using the hashtag.

An Instagram wall for events will help in driving participation from both the event audience and the Instagram users globally. The Instagram wall is immensely helpful in enhancing engagement & interaction.

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5. Gain insights into users

Various tools that aggregate and create the Instagram wall, also have analytics features in them for tracking and analyzing the crucial user-generated content.

This analytics feature is extremely important for the marketers as you can track the performa000000000nce of your Instagram wall and also social media campaign. You can track the impressions, clicks, engagement, sentiment analysis, and much more.

It will provide valuable insights into the consumers’ behavior and engagement. You can analyze which content performed best, most popular hashtags, user-engagement, and more extended details.

These insights will prove useful in designing and implementing future social media marketing activities and promotions.


The focus of social media marketing strategies in recent times have been shifted to delivering the more personalized and superior user experience. And digital tools have been a big reason behind this.

Instagram walls are a product of one such digital or more specifically an Instagram aggregation tool. These tools do not just provide the mentioned benefits but they also have many other useful benefits. These benefits directly influence the engagement and conversions of your social media marketing campaigns. Thus, it is suggested to make most of these tools and gain enhanced returns on investments.

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