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  • Date: 08 February 2018
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Facebook's main goal is to bring people closer together. Today, people on Facebook as well, but what is happening in their respective communities. This month, Facebook is prioritizing posts from friends and high-quality news sources. Newsfeed wants to prioritize local community news for users to see the impact of these events on them and their locality.

Facebook is identifying local publishers in local areas and their stories are followed, their stories could show up higher in News Feed. This is already taking effect in the US and will continue to do so with other countries this year. Users have the choice to find their news sources which may include local or national pages that may be seen on the top of the page.

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What does this mean for Publishers?

There will be an emphasis on high-quality local news, stories from local news publishers which may appear higher in News Feed for followers in publishers' geographic areas. This is one change in the ranking of News Feed. For more information on this, see our Publisher Guidelines . Facebook expects a decrease in the amount of News More information on social interaction.

There are no constraints as to who would be eligible for this feature. Both large and small publishers could benefit from this change. This may not be small or niche interest publishers right away but Facebook is working to improve coverage as soon as possible. The social media giant also stressed that they also want to reduce false news, misinformation, clickbait, sensationalism and inauthentic accounts.

Facebook's commitment to local news?

Through the Facebook Journalism Project, Facebook worked with local publishers last year. The social media giant visited newsrooms around the world to provide training and support for journalists. Together, they work for their publications and their readers.

Collaborative product tests with local publishers were participated in 2017. These include: support for subscriptions in Instant Articles and call-to-action units. These tries to become readers to like publishers' page or sign up for a newsletter or have a breaking news format on News Feed.

Today, Facebook is testing a dedicated section that connects people to news and information about their community. It has been since named Today In . It is now being tested in 6 US cities and hope to expand all over the country and around the world soon.

Facebook's main goal is to connect people with their local communities through local news. It also aims to improve and expand these efforts in 2018. Collaboration with partners will continue to be quality news in News Feed.

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