New Uses of Well-Known Content Types for Email Marketing in 2022

  • Date: 29 Jul 2022
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Content marketing never stays steel. On the contrary, it constantly changes and transforms. During the 2019 pandemic, many brands have adjusted their digital engagement strategy. As a result, e-mail marketing has received an unexpected boost, and new trends have emerged. For blogs and businesses, it is essential to follow new ideas and find new approaches to attract readers and potential customers by hitting the target letter. We will highlight one of the most challenging communication channels for newcomers. How to avoid the fortune of spam letters and get your emails to read? Follow our point to know more!

Why is communication via email vital?

To achieve business goals, you need content that your target audience wants to see. Those who receive the information of interest will build trusting relationships with the company. When it is time to buy, that company will be their first thought. According to the New York Times, newsletter subscribers consume twice as much content and are twice as likely to become paying newspaper subscribers.

Let’s look at the challenges

E-mail boxes of most people have become a wastebasket. The difference in percentage between the useful letters we wait for and the number of newsletters people neglect is huge. People rarely open the latter because they do not draw our attention or may even irritate us. The efforts of marketers regularly go to spam. It is equivalent to the money the companies paid for that. Thus, marketers formed two camps. The first of those annually announces that email is outdated. At the same time, the second one claims that there are always ways to improve that communication channel. When we take a closer look at the approach of global brands like Amazon, we see the example of the perfect global strategy that brings them good paid invoices. They have no other secret than modern technologies and learning about the target audience. 


They increase the level of customer knowledge about the company and products and form the trust and loyalty of the audience. According to the research, a letter with less than 500 characters ends in the spam folder. Try to keep your emails moderately long and informative so that the user can get the most out of them.

If your letter has little text, it is more likely to go to the Spam folder. And if there are few pictures, then it will be less informative. Also, most likely, it will go into the box of unwanted letters. 

Adaptation for mobile devices

Advanced marketers always make sure that their content fits well in all formats.

Supporting statistics: 

Mobile device owners make up 95% of the total population, according to the Deloitte audit firm;

According to a report by the leading statistical agency Statista, more than 55% of Internet traffic comes from smartphones;

Nearly 70% of people use mobile devices to explore products.

People who are used to mobile-friendly designs will no longer read unoptimized emails. In addition, it is also worth considering that the possibility of choosing a theme in many applications has appeared. 82% of users prefer to enable dark mode on their phones. Therefore, letters should be equally well-read when superimposed on a white and black background. Use high-contrast text and visual effects for this.

Interactive emails 

It developed in 2019 and has grown significantly in recent years. Research shows that these messages increase click-through rates by 73% and conversion rates. This figure will increase by 300% if you add a video to the letter. Modern recipients are bored with reading plain text. They like animation and an abundance of useful links instead. Use other ways to get involved: Gamification and quizzes, in addition, help to collect additional information about the participants; Various tools for scrolling content; Transitions to social networks and other platforms of the company. Image carousels, menus, or clickable snippets can all be considered interactive elements.

Promotional emails

A marketer struggles to inform people about his company with promotional emails. Your business may promote updates, cutting-edge solutions, and limited seasonal discounts. The purpose is to convert your subscribers or random viewers into loyal clients. 

If your letters contain annoying words, that will negatively affect your reputation. Check some examples of what to avoid:  

The call to action. "Do not write Buy now" or "Click and get the product;"

Urgency. A general example is “Urgent! Important! Attention!"  

Letters substitution and upper case. "DO NOT SAY LIKE THIS," and "D0 n0t fill in the letters." 

The bottom line is clear. You should follow the rules and be creative. Otherwise, the letter will most likely end up in spam.

Any letter format may serve that goal. For example, it may be weekly newsletters, sales promotion emails, and customer retention emails. It is all about content and the call to action that you add. You can ask experienced writers from TopWritingReviews to create such content for your business. They customize the copies according to your needs.

Loyalty and rewards

There are various messages you can send to loyal members. These people are either devoted customers or people possessing reward points and not knowing about that. Explore your website or store and analyze what types of customers you have, what issues they face, and how you can help them. It is great to trigger a particular email involving content. You can represent products, services, or goods that anyone can get with the reward points. Here is a new approach to doing that interactively.

Feedback of users 

The successful experience of others in using the brand's products reinforces the desire of new users to continue interacting with it. And this is not just about reviews. Include life hacks and reviews of regular customers that they share on their social networks in your regular newsletter. Readers will also benefit from video instructions and stories about how to use your products from consumers.

Testimonials and reviews

These emails aim to make people express their thoughts about your product, service, or the entire company. That is the art to ask a person to stop and think about your cons and pros. You can ask the RatedByStudents service to handle that task for you. Any representative will analyze your issues and develop the correct content. Despite the nature of the feedback, whether it is Great or Bad, the existing client has to feel you want to hear any point. From this point of view, e-mail is the perfect match to ask for that.

First, ensure that a person permits you to send the letters. If that happened by mistake, provide readers with the possibility to unsubscribe. Make the emails highly personalized. Three-quarters of marketers surveyed believe subscriber targeting is the future of email marketing. We are moving away from mass mailings and tailoring each letter to a specific person. Here we also have to change the approach to copywriting: create different messages for different audience segments. And do it precisely. When a recipient receives a personal message and feels a company’s attention you will get a better testimonial. Forms for feedback or reviews are also interactive, which will show how your emails are received (and perceived).

Avoid attachments and questionable links

Spammers often use attachments to send viruses. If there is something like this in your letter, the addressee will immediately redirect such a message to spam. The same refers to suspicious links. 

Behavior-based e-mails

This email type is last but not least. The key point is that the mailing system has a database of written letters and sends them to selected recipients. The ground for sending is the person's actions made on the marketer’s website, landing page, online store, etc. For example, a visitor comes to your website and starts signing up for it. The consequences are twofold: he can step by step complete it successfully and receive the greeting letter from the hosts. Then, that may include information on further available options, discounts, stories of owners, and whatever you want to draw more attention to your service. If the sign-up process is dropped for some reason, the person will receive an encouraging letter to complete it or consider other popular services that you can make. Likewise, there might be behavioral scenarios for particular products, blogs, and actions. That the range of possibilities does not have limits! What is a must in 2022 to perform that smoothly? The well-written and stylish letters in addition to an automatically segmented audience. Thus, all recipients will obtain messages they will like.

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More on automation

Every minute the amount of data in the world is growing, and people - especially marketers - know what to do with them. Salesforce estimates that there has been a 50% increase in data sources from 2017 to 2019. That makes it impossible to explore relevant customer data without outside help.

That takes an essential part of modern mailing that helps conduct more accurate analytics and database segmentation of the target audience. It is barely possible for a manager to study the behavior of all audience representatives in the database and adjust the email strategy. Although it is possible to set precise indicators and selection criteria, in 2022, we cannot do without the use of neural networks. You get the most effective mailing using artificial intelligence tools. With the help of artificial intelligence, marketers will be able to personalize emails using browsing history or user behavior data.

Having a strategy and good content for your newsletters is no guarantee of success. Modern email marketing must use innovative tools to admit to the audience's needs. The most promising direction for the development of these abilities at the moment is the introduction of neural networks and chatbots with artificial intelligence. So, now you have all the tools to create effective emails. Come to the action, and good luck!


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