Reasons Why Hacking Social Media Algorithms Is A Losing Strategy

  • Date: 17 April 2018
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  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

Social Media Algorithm Hack Defined

Social media algorithm hacks are any tactics or practices that attempt to achieve growth patterns in algorithms. These algorithms are those that control what is shown in the platform's feed and to whom.

Why Did Social Networks Create Feed Algorithms?

The Enticement Of Free Reach

The potential of achieving an unlimited number of audience using marketing messages for free was very enticing to marketers. It was the main attraction of social media when it first came out. Giving users the ability to add brand profiles with special tools and analytics, businesses have the chance to create scalable reach machines.

Enter Content Shock

It was observed by Mark Shaefer that content quality goes down when the cost of distribution is low when marketing products and exponentially exponentially. This problem that content marketer's face was observed on Facebook, and Twitter and was classified as user experience problem.

Brakes Are Applied By Networks

The glut or commercial content in social feeds is opposed to the reasons why people join social networks. Most people join social networks for reasons to keep in touch with friends and family, and to be entertained. Another reason could be informed on the latest news. Commercial content can be used to stop and use the social platform when there is too much of this. From social network's point of view, this is not good news. This is the same reason why social networks have started algorithmic control and filtering on feeds of their users.

For example, Twitter and an algorithm that would show tweets that are in the top of their feed. It can be classified as a "gentle" algorithm because users have the option to be out of it. It is also active. For Facebook, users may see which are determined by algorithms. These shows just a fraction of what their friends' posts.

Using algorithms and tweaking of social networks, has created a decline in organic reach over the years.

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Why Is Social Algorithm Hacking A Bad Strategy For Your Business?

Certain types of these hacks are for a limited amount of time. They can help you get more reach and add more followers or get more engagement from your content but they do not consider other than that.

Hacks may not align with your business goals. Hacks can increase your reach on social media but you are reaching the right people ? Growth hacks can turn bad for your business. You can have a negative impact on your content if you have a negative impact on your posts and content. People that you have gathered with your hack, could not get your content right and that is not good for business. They may not be the target market. Reach and engagement can not take business if you do not have the right people.

Algorithm hacking may be a cold war that you can not win

Quests to hack for organic search traffic, are being penalized by Google algorithm engineers. A discovery which SEO specialists have noticed over the past two decades. With social networks, clamping down low-value content has been quite slow. But recently, it was proven that with enough incentive, social media networks could destroy your reach if they consider that your moves on their platform have negative effects to their users. SEOs today, no longer waste time trying to hack and circumvent search algorithms. Instead they concentrate on Google algorithm updates because of quality content, better user experience, and mobile optimization. Creating content that people find useful is actually the most important aspect in social media and for business brands.

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Establish A Long Term Social Media Strategy

Instead of using algorithmic hacks, focus on a long term social media strategy which is better for your business. Use engaging content, provide real help and interaction with people on social media, and have your followers feel better. With these ways, you could also gain new customers and have a better business.

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