Social Media Gids Shares How the Role of a Social Media Manager Is Evolving

  • Date: 22 April 2019
  • reading time: 3 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

More and more brands and businesses are recognizing the value of social media in connecting with customers, spreading their messages, and driving actions. Whether you're a team or a larger team, Social Media Managers need to adapt to new changes and trends within their growing field.

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Here are my insights on how the Social Media Manager has evolved and will continue to change:

What skills are needed for a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Manager roles are evolving from "reactive" or scheduling-focused to "proactive" or creative-focused. Creating a variety of engaging content from graphics to videos and everything in-between is all part of a Social Media Manager's day. Skills in communication, writing, analytics, creativity, technical, design, empathy, and experimentation are all useful to have now.

Brands are shifting their focus to the customer experience. How does this shape a social media manager's role?

Social media is no longer a one-to-many form of communication. It is becoming a one-to-one channel to reach new customers. Social Media Managers who have an understanding of the full customer journey to evangelists are thriving. It is all about understanding how to approach the full customer journey.

How are brands structuring their social teams?

Social media teams at big brands are structured as specialists, rather than generalists as you might find in small businesses. Specialists are focused on a specific area of ​​expertise. Ex., Analytics, content, community management, advertising, etc.

Social specialists add big value to brands as they provide deep expertise, vision, and strategy in certain aspects of social. Social generalists also add big value to brands as they are able to use multiple hats and understand a variety of strategies.

What role has data played in social media marketing?

Data in social media marketing has allowed brands to go from, "we think this works" to "this is driving real business ROI". A combination of Google UTMs, Hootsuite, and native platform analytics give marketers all the data tools they need to grow. Finding the right combination of creative and data-backed decisions is the perfect way to increase engagement on social.

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Beyond vanity metrics, what is important for Social Media Managers?

Social Media Managers are starting to understand brand sentiment. If a brand advertises on social media, they should have a clear picture of the customer journey beginning with awareness to conversion.

With the growth of social ads, what do Social Media Managers have to be aware of?

Promoting top performing posts on social media can amplify content and make the brand known. Having a good knowledge of CPC, CTR, conversion rate and CPA is also important. Managers should work well with their team in crafting good content that has been tested as a determinant of success.

What Tools Should a Social Media Manager Have in Their Belt?

Work smarter and not harder. Use these tools to help yourself out.

How do you see the role of Social Media Manager shaping up in the next five years?

There will be continuous evolution or Social Media Manager tasks. But this would be on the list: responsible for writing, design, analytics, advertising (+ ROI), video, community, and more.

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