Success Criteria For Snapchat Content

  • Date: 21 June 2017
  • reading time: 2 Minutes
  • Blogger: Gurby Bulo

Snapchat keeps growing! More than 500,000 people in the Netherlands use this channel daily. In the United States, Snapchat has now overtake Instagram as the most popular platform among young people. International brands such as Redbull, WNF, McDonald's and Taco Bell are very active on Snapchat. Dutch brands are rapidly developing on this growing platform, for example such as Ajax, Vodafone, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Walibi.

It has been found that the content of successful organizations on Snapchat meets a number of success criteria. The five most important in a row:

1. Turn the content into an experience

Football clubs like Ajax, Liverpool and Real Madrid give the Snapchat a look behind the scenes. Fans can watch with the ups and downs before and during a match; the training, join the coach on the way to an away match, the locker room, the warm-up and they walk along with the players on the field. During the rest and final score the fans enjoy interviews with the players. The player can have a signature on the screen! A look behind the scenes, everything to give the Snapper an experience. Better than the reality! You are literally present at the place where as a fan does not come. That tastes like more ...

2. Work with a challenge

Vodafone is a good example of this. Every Friday they have a 'Fantastic Friday' deal for all followers on Snapchat. These deals are touted by two vloggers. By means of challenges they announce what exactly is the Fantastic Friday deal. They receive these challenges from other vloggers. The challenges are the course of tone-of-voice.

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3. Make the content interactive

Make sure you talk to and with your followers. A good example of interactivity is from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They want to show prospective students how things are going at the Hogeschool. The Snapper can ask questions about the education and school. Every day, another student manages the Snapchat account to show what he or she is experiencing that day. The NOS also has a unique way of getting in. They look at the NOS discuss the news of that day, making optimal use of drawings and emoticons. Interactively seeking dialogue with your target group appeals to most Snapchat followers and arrangements more involvement with your organization.

4. Find collaborations with others

It is smart to collaborate with people who appeal to many young people. That works like a magnet. For example, Walibi has had their new attraction 'Lost Gravity' promoted by rapper Mr. Polska. Here they showed the construction and all kinds of sneakpeaks of this new attraction and gave away cards for the grand opening. In addition, Walibi had the scoop to download the new video clip from their own Snapchat account. Polska to be released. You could say a win-win. The channel grew to become one of the platforms with the highest involvement for Walibi.

5. Creativity in the content

Only the use of photos is obsolete. For an optimally working account you use the combination of photos, video and texts. Not to mention all other unique features or Snapchat such as the storyline, emoticons, the bitmoji's, the functionality of drawing and the new geo-filters. Show the Snapper that you fully understand this platform. The more creative and varied content is offered, the more attractive for the user.

Do you already use Snapchat as part of your social media strategy?

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