The Marketer’s Guide To Instagram Reels

  • Date: 2 November 2021
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  • Blogger: Marie Kyle

The evolution of social media platforms and the addition of new features is never ending. So marketers and businesses must stay updated to survive the changes and remain competitive. This scenario perfectly applies for Instagram, the dynamic platform with new updates and feature launches more often. Instagram reels is a new feature that joins the list with Stories, Instagram Live and IGTV. It is time for marketers to learn about the new feature and to lay out a plan as to how to take the most advantage of Reels for their brand.


What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a content feature that allows users to share short videos that last upto 60 seconds. Like the other video formats, it is possible to include background audio, music or sound bytes to these bite sized videos. Recently, Instagram updated the app with a Reels tab on user profiles in the navigation bar at the bottom to ensure ease of access. 


Steps To Create Instagram Reels

  1. Click the plus sign at the top right of the app screen
  2. Scroll across the navigation bar at the bottom until you find reels which is visible between the Story and Live tab.
  3. Tap on the Reels tab
  4. To upload an existing video in your camera roll to your reel, tap the square in the bottom left corner.
  5. To make a new reel, decide beforehand the time limit your reels want to be and press the record button.
  6. Once you have finished recording again press the same button to stop recording.
  7. You may now edit, trim or delete the recorded reels. 
  8. Add desired music and effects to your reels.
  9. Tap the forward button to check out the preview.
  10. Add a relevant caption to your reels and decide where you want to share your reels before publishing it.

Instagram Reels Best Practices

Research On Content

As a marketer, it is important that you carry out some initial research before actually starting to create reels videos. Take a look at the reels videos posted by your peers and some of the top brands in your industry. Record a note of the kind of content that worked for them and what did not, the trends that your target market is more familiar with etc. Once you jot down these details, you can easily incorporate them into your very first reel that you create.

Be Consistent

The Instagram Reels algorithm takes various factors into consideration to determine which reels to show for the audience. Keep a tab on the kind of content that users engage and respond the maximum.  Instagram reels insights launched recently provides the reels engagement metrics that represent the performance of your reels among the audience. 

Monitoring these metrics can greatly help you fine tune your reels strategy and make your instagram reels views increase within a short time from when you post it. Be focussed and put the right foot front in every step while creating your reels to increase engagement on your reels videos.

Sketch Your Story

With the time limit of reels being 60 seconds, you need to lay out a proper plan as to what to show in your reel. Be clear on your objective so that the reel you post communicates your brand message to your audience. Make sure that your reels appear more attractive to your audience as well.

Don't Ever Hard Sell

Remember to leverage this feature to raise brand awareness and make people utter your brand name. Rather than including CTAs filled with sales-oriented captions, think from your audience's perspective and create highly valuable content that they would get the most benefit from. Alongside, illustrate how your products or services can make their work easy and bring a positive impact on their lifestyle.

How Should Marketers Use Instagram Reels?

Several top companies and brands that you are familiar with are already posting reels and getting higher engagement and a significant spike in their KPIs. This section explains how marketers should use reels to boost and promote their business to higher levels.

Guide Your Audience 

People who are more inclined towards your niche and are sinked into watching niche related content on the web prefer watching tutorial videos to learn new things through videos.  When you create and upload bite sized videos that match their search and preferences, they will benefit a lot . Simultaneously your products and services will also gain popularity. 

Promote Offers

Concerning Reels, the audience are most glued to the brands who deliver their message quickly and easily.  So create simple, clear and interesting content so that they come back to watch your reels all over again. For instance, Louis Vuitton, the popular fashion brand posted an Instagram reel which was a music performance to promote its clothing. Brainstorm to find how your brand associates with brands of different industries. Along with watching the reels of the event, people will get to know about the latest offers you provide on your products. 

Supplement Instagram Ads

Instagram reels ads is yet to roll out but still reels videos are an excellent choice to promote ad videos on reels.  Reels are a perfect alternative to traditional Instagram ads and several brands use reels to promote their products on Reels. When Instagram ads are posted to reels, they gain plenty of reels views and makes product promotion much easier. 

Post Behind The Scenes

Your audience would really love to see the human faces involved in making your product, how the product is made, and so on. Posting reels incorporating these elements can take you closer to the audience and gain social proof and trust . Big brands can post many short reels if they have many departments in their company. 

The Takeaway

Reels was launched as a counterpart  to TikTok. There are several things to keep in mind, especially the differences between Reels and TikTok. Though both support short form videos, you cannot follow the same strategy while creating videos. Instagram video marketing is happening and it is high time for marketers to enter into creating reels to optimize brand awareness and remain a renowned brand in the industry.

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  • Blogger: Marie Kyle
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