Top 10 Criteria For Creating An Effective Website

  • Date: 19 October 2021
  • reading time: 5 Minutes
  • Blogger: Utkarsh Tiwari

Creating a website is a very important step for all businesses. A web project gives you visibility on the internet and allows you to acquire new customers thanks to a well-thought-out digital strategy.

But what can you do to ensure that your website is efficient and well-positioned on Google?

Developing an effective website means above all making it part of a global digital communication strategy. Your web project must also respect basic technical parameters.

1. A well-defined positioning

  1. What do you propose? (Products, services, both)
  2. What type of business are you? (producer, reseller…)
  3. What are your objectives? (showcase site, customer acquisition, online sales), short term, medium term, long term?
  4. What are your targets? (BtoC, BtoB, which personas)
  5. What are the personas expecting from your website? How can we meet their expectations?
  6. What are your means? (Budget and human resources)

2. The speed of loading

According to numerous UX studies, an acceptable loading time for Internet users is 2 seconds. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that your website loads fast enough so as not to lose your visitor.

3. The quality code

Often a website load time increases dramatically due to heavy coding. A poorly developed and poorly constructed website can deteriorate loading time and thus harm your SEO. Your site code must meet W3C standards. The code is the basic foundation of your site. You could hire any professional website and software development company to develop a high-performing website for you.

4. The responsive format

Your site must have a responsive web design and adapt to all media and the size of all types of screen: computers, tablets and smartphones. Your website should display correctly on mobile, be and mobile friendly .

5. Rich content

A website that has little content will struggle to rank well on Google. Good notoriety and quality content will allow you to gain a good position in search engine results. The creation of unique content involves in-depth work on the subject and the production of articles of more than 300 words.

6. The internal mesh

Internal and external links make the content of the page more complete, and the reading more lively and enjoyable.

What are internal links? These are the links between the pages of your website. Internal links allow Internet users to go further on a subject on your site. Google loves internal links because they show depth in your website.

7. Quality backlinks

Inbound links are also very important. When other sites link to yours, Google sees it as a  good reference. You can get backlinks through the production of unique content and through a link exchange, with your partners for example. The best is to get inbound links from sites with a good reputation and well referenced on Google.

8. Keywords and meta titles and descriptions

Keywords, meta titles, and descriptions of your pages are the most important SEO criteria in the creation of your website. The title, keywords, meta descriptions tags must be filled in. Meta titles and descriptions are invisible when browsing a website, but they are essential to be displayed on search results. They must, moreover, respect the norms of the number of characters.

9. SEO optimization

The content of a website must be optimized for natural referencing. This will allow you to generate more traffic. The site must contain well-configured robots.txt and sitemap technical files. Keywords, titles, and meta descriptions should be well written. You must also fill in the descriptions of the images in the ALT tag. These are used to reference the images on Google. 

10. Promotion of the site on social networks

A good digital strategy integrates the creation and animation of your social networks.

Always think about promoting your website, especially on social networks. Regularly add quality content and share it with your communities. Engage your followers, communicate with them and retain them. For the SEO of your site to be successful, you will need to set up a long-term web marketing and SEO and Community management strategy.

To summarize, your web project goes through a global reflection, an adapted and optimized digital strategy that takes into account:

In its creations, a good web design and web development company will assist you, step by step, and contribute to the success of your site.

We recommend 6 steps in website creation

  1. Identify needs and goals. Define personas and their expectations. Offer solutions adapted to your needs.
  2. We determine the tree structure, the specific functionalities, and the necessary modules. The design of an ergonomic site structure to make navigation intuitive.
  3. We determine the color codes, we develop a logo and visuals for the site. We offer you a graphic charter. Then, we produce the graphic models of the pages of your site.
  4. Based on the strategy developed and on the validated graphic models, we develop the pages of your site and the modules necessary to ensure the desired functionalities.
  5. We optimize the content of the site, the keywords, the descriptions for good natural referencing. Respecting the technical rules of SEO are essential to be well-positioned in search results on Google.
  6. We ensure the creation and animation of your brand on social networks. Community management and web marketing actions are crucial for the development of your visibility and your notoriety.

We hope this article helped you in understanding everything that is to be considered while building a website and prioritizing your preferences. Let us know if you liked it and whether this info is useful to you. 

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