Use Visual Storytelling for Your Brand or Social Media Marketing Strategy, Learn How!

  • Date: 3 June 2017
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Visual storytelling is something that goes back to the Sumerian civilization. Simply put the best step brands in the near future, if they have their story and involve their customers in the visual story .....

Why? Social media channels such as Snapchat , Instagram , Pinterest and now also Facebook are based on images.

Brands that use visual content have found that they stimulate more involvement with their target group. Visuals help us to tell our stories quickly, with impact and emotion. It must be the right images. If they are visually powerful, if it is an image or video, the effect is increased.As a target group we see what we want and we are driven to buy it.

Deeper engagement

Powerful visuals evoke emotions, lead to deeper involvement and more profound behavioral change. So what makes an image or video powerful, what causes an emotional reaction and promotions deeper involvement by the target group? This can be the composition, style or lighting of the image, but there are many other factors that are not important.


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Four factors that make a visual powerful:

The consumer wants to believethat the people They see are real ... What They Do and How They act
Deaf and the men's thing have've've given a fantastic example with an example of an authenticity story about a father who just wanted to see his child .

It works because we have a story here, a video that tells us something that evokes emotions. And that connects these emotions with the healing, which reunites the power of soap. To understand this ...... Dove sells soap that feels or cares for the people who use it. It is a simple soap that helps you to take care of your skin. Link that idea to a father who comes home from his child, and you have a compelling story.
If you are in love with your emotions and show your emotions to your target audience. That is what Deaf did.

girl facing the sun

Google literally tells a convincing and compelling story. It could be a film with a consistent good story and a build-up to a beautiful eidn. The video is smart, intelligent and tells you that you have lost sight of each other through events.

In this most notable movie "Find your greatness", a jogging boy plays the main role. Nike seems to want to be like that, as long as you dare and use your own power.

Diversity and inclusiveness are issues that are very culturally relevant today. Of course, you can not find yourself in this or any social shifts, but if you are a content marketer, it is useful that you do not get stuck in the past.

group of friends

Even suffering advertisers like Cheerios are willing to accept a deeper emotional connection. One of the most striking responses from the customer-oriented is the positive, authentic representation or mixed racing families. That risk is clearly worth it when you create this type of relationship with the consumer. It is not surprising that cultural relevance and authenticity go hand in hand.

This is now a very strong trend. As technology takes over more and more of our lives, we are more interested in things that are 'real', such as human contact and old, hands-on activities and professions. This trend combines nostalgia and a new appreciation for traditional skills, and seeing handmade products.


Archetypes are common characters that have been used for thousands of years to tell stories and the common archetypes are still a powerful way of telling.
Examples that we often see are the hero archetype and more specifically, a Goddess of Hunting. Recent cultural examples of this are The Hunger Games, or Disney's Brave. And then there is the caretaker. Often the care archetype is no longer a woman but the man. This is quite a social shift social - and another example of cultural relevance.

daughter and dad

Key tips!

Powerful visuals evoke deeper emotions and result in deeper involvement with your content. That is why it is important as a content marketer to know how to identify emotional powerful images. Content marketing is about telling a story and how to make it easier and more effective.

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Keep these four important factors about powerful visuals in mind :

  1. Use authentic images;
  2. Be culturally relevant to your audience;
  3. Use visuals that reflect the human experience;
  4. Use visual story tools such as archetypal characters.

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