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  • Date: 14 October 2019
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Marketing tactics

Description: In business, having the best services, products, an excellent site, good knowledge, and any other essentials needed to make the brand grow is not enough. You require a good marketing strategy, as well. A marketing plan is what makes companies stand out.


When you go to market strategy, you stand an excellent chance to have a rewarding business. It is not possible to get profits if you do not have a good marketing strategy. As a business person, one must possess great advertising skills; otherwise; he/she will not be able to make a business grow. Moreover, note that a marketing strategy costs you a lot. You will need to pay for advertisements and hire marketing experts. However, this should not discourage you since we have other great strategies for marketing businesses that do not require spending any money. The free marketing techniques are also handy, just like the paid marketing strategy; you only need to ensure that you implement them well. 

The Best Free Marketing Strategy

Podcasts interview

Podcasts are digital media files that can be downloaded online. They are available as a series, and people get them automatically. To download, you only need to subscribe.

People love listening to podcasts because they feel closer to them than videos or listening to a radio. The podcasts are on high demand, and people have a chance to select the kind of content they like. 

Also, podcasts audiences are more engaged compared to radio station audiences. Moreover, as per the analysis of podcasts, almost fifty percent of the people within America know about podcasts. So roughly, around seventy million individuals in America listen to a podcast each month. This number can even be higher if we bring in global listeners. It is a wonderful marketing strategy for business owners.

With this free marketing plan, business owners have a chance to pitch a podcast, be interviewed at the show, and advertise their services to many people. This marketing strategy is incredible because people are more committed. They are more likely to subscribe to mailing lists, join you on social networks and even purchase your items.

The podcasts that one can pitch are many; you only have to ensure you get it right when using this marketing strategy. For instance, do not send pitches that lead to who you are and the things that you are offering. Nobody pays attention to such a strategy. Instead, lead your pitch with what you can offer.

Use this marketing strategy to demonstrate that you can educate people about what you are offering. You will have an opportunity to promote your company when the show is over. That is the best way to use the podcast's marketing strategy. You might also get shows where people utilize free services like Radio Guest List. iTunes also has more shows which are related to what you do, so you may also pitch there.

Listening to podcasts


Leverage big audiences

When you find that both your online and offline audiences are small, consider going where there is a bigger audience. This marketing strategy aims to use your knowledge to teach another person's more significant audience. This other person might be ready to accept this strategy because of what his/her audience will be gaining.

For instance, you can teach big social media groups. You may even prepare a marketing plan example for prominent media publications that receive many guests each month. Doing joint-webinars is also highly recommended since they are also among the best marketing campaigns.

There are several other strategies for leveraging an existing audience and end up winning. This free social media marketing strategy is capable of getting you more exposure so fast. Just be clear on what you are offering and whom it is meant for. For instance, book of ra is meant for gamblers. Home gadgets are meant for families, farm products are meant for farmers and so forth. After identifying your audience, explain to them why they should not ignore you and watch how you get more customers.

Go deeper into your content

Most marketing management individuals do not harness what good strategy content can do. Great video, audio, and written content may be leveraged and are remodeled. It may take some work to the front section, but the content will pay dividends to your company by enabling people to learn more about you. This marketing strategy is capable of converting people into customers. Great content receives many shares, that is more marketing for you, and it is the most profiting marketing strategy for businesses.

Composing a good marketing strategy template does not cost anything, and it markets businesses better when it is shared on social networks and email lists. It is the last of the three main free marketing strategies, which you can start using now if you want to grow your business. Implement the plan correctly and watch how you will get more customers and increase sales.


If you want your business to grow, then you should improve your marketing strategy. The best part of what we have talked about here is that you can apply all the three strategies in your business. You can even add any other digital marketing strategy that you feel might work for you. Just ensure you understand the plan, what you are offering, and who your audience is. Did you find our article useful? Write to us if you need more advice about how to grow your business without spending any money. We will ensure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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