How To Advertise A New Shopify Website on Facebook

  • Date: 30 March 2021
  • reading time: 4 Minutes
  • Blogger: Jakeson Christopher

For Facebook advertising, the biggest problem is how to launch a website's products in the shortest time and with the least budget when starting a new website. After starting Shopify + Facebook advertising in 2018, I was fortunate to have some experience of Facebook's rapid development of Shopify.

1. Website product research

The core idea-based on the Facebook test data, change the product if it doesn't work, don't waste time on the same type of product. It is worth noting that, do not determine the style first. Many people spend a week or even two weeks decorating the front-end and build a vertical style category website, and finally spend a lot of money but can't sell it.

Time is spent analyzing product data. For example, the product you are looking for is a spot product from 1688, and an online celebrity product on Instagram. Then you have to know how much it has sold? Which country is good for sale? What season is it good to sell? Which Shopify is selling? Which product advertisements did the independent shop selling this product have? Can you follow? And so on, it takes time to study and consider.

When looking for products, you will definitely find a bunch of independent standouts, and record these, what style, what product is easy to sell, the amount of pre-sale and spot products is about 3:7.

Okay, the product is there, how to test it? Does anyone say that this is starting to run commercials? Yes, as long as you use your mobile phone or computer to buy things from a customer's point of view. You can successfully go to the checkout page without any weird operations. (Test several times, check the logistics country settings, and see if there are any abnormalities in the order).

How to test: test category> test product> decorate the front end, create a style vertical site, fine-tune the operation and launch> find the hottest models, expand the volume.

① Test categories first

Each category is covered with some products, the first 6-8 products (the 6-8 products represent this category, it is best to pre-sale products, 8 products after the same type of products can be used) Material testing. Looking at the CBO advertising category material data is the best (the order is issued, congratulations, you have successfully found the direction), some people may ask: how long will the test take? There is no definite number of how long the test will take here, and it is based on the test data. If it is not good, change the category and continue the test. Analyze the test data, start to specialize in this category of products, and find products that can continue to sell orders.

② Test product

For example, I test three categories at the same time: suit, dress, and top.

When the data from the dres' category is very good, I will use dress as the main category, start to accumulate the same products in this category, and start testing products. Be sure to create a category around the product you are ordering (dress is good for sale, just look for the same style and test the same type of dress). Most of the products are hot-selling items, and we must continue to test new products in order to stabilize high sales.

③ Decorate the front end to create a style website

When you have tested a type of product that continues to sell orders, congratulations on your site is basically up, build a style website around this type of product elements, increase linkages, and increase customer unit prices.

④ Find the hot style, expand the volume

There must be money at this stage. We must test new products, maintain an account, and get ready to go. Once there are explosive products, we will increase the volume.

2. Facebook advertising

There are too many FBs that need to be analyzed and optimized, but they often don't know how to optimize. I suggest being optimistic about the Facebook ads cost of the product industry and reasonably control the budget. The following is the average CPM of different industries in 2020, and you can reasonably control your budget by checking the CPM. Of course, target audience is also very important.


① How to test the test category?

There are three AD Sets in one CBO, and one category in one AD Sets. What is the budget? For new advertisements, I usually put an ad for 10 dollars, and three ads are for a cbo 30 dollars.


Note: The advertisement directly runs the purchase conversion. The country only chooses the United States. The new account must be launched with high-quality traffic for a few days. Do not launch globally. It will fail. It will be difficult to recover after failure. Use your regular interest words for interest words.


First of all, you must look at the purchase. The category of the order is definitely the best choice. If there is no order, look at the click and advertising interaction (likes, shares, comments), and select the best data category.

② How to test new products?

After finding your best category, test the product. Put 2 ADSets in one CBO and 3-4 materials in one ADSet. You have to understand the core point of the test here: increase the product spread rate, let cbo automatically optimize

cost per click

For example, in the picture, material 6 works well, continues to optimize, copy this material separately, and run cbo.

facebook ads

campaign test

If the data is good like this, it must be selling well. Next is to expand the volume, build up similar products to build a vertical style website, increase the links, and increase the customer unit price. Basically, you can play this website for a long time.

But most of the time, the reality is that half of the budget is spent and nothing is gained. Don't be discouraged here. Look at the clicks and additional purchases. If the data is good, continue to copy it out and put it out.

At this point, I believe you basically know how to make a vertical category-style website. Hope it can help you.

  • Blogger: Jakeson Christopher
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